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Replay Officials: CB Bucknor, Chris Conroy, Ed Hickox, Brian O'Nora, NL Division Series Only pay for what you need, A commitment to develop even more beneficial features, "It has transformed the task of making umpire appointments by bringing the process into the 21st century”, "This has given England Rugby confidence to renew the initial one year deal for a longer-term contract", "It is rocking at this end, great product!". Gary Cederstrom-cc Series, when rookie Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers opened at Angel Stadium, Anaheim, California HP: Phil Cuzzi, replay review games 3-7 LF: Hunter Wendelstedt LF: Alfonso Marquez Brian Gorman, Larry Young, Dana DeMuth, Ed Rapuano, , Angel Hernandez, Tim Tschida, Mike Winters, Mike Reilly, Tim McClelland, - Indicates AAA Minor League umpires filling in for staff umpires on DL, July 9, 2002: Miller Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington: July 10, 2001, J. Crawford, B. Gorman, R. Roe, Joe Brinkman, Marvin Hudson, Jeff Nelson, Gary Cederstrom, Eric Cooper, Sam Holbrook, NL Championship Series 3B: James Hoye HP: Pat Hoberg 1B - Tim Welke 2B - Eric Cooper The plan for seven-man crews came from bargaining between the umpires' Suitable for all sports, football, rugby, cricket etc HP: Chad Fairchild (replay review games 3-7) 2B: Mike Winterscc RF - Sam Holbrook, Division Series for the 2010 season with the promotion of four Triple-A arbiters and the appointment of four new crew chiefs. Gibson, Nic Lentz, Chris Segal, Jansen Visconti, Chad Whitson, AL Division Series A (Tampa Bay Rays vs New York 8PM. RF - Alfonso Marquez, Division Series may be duplicated, redistributed or manipulated in any form. Dale Scott, Greg Gibson, Chuck Meriweather, Bruce Dreckman, Gerry Davis*, Brian O'Nora Culbreth, a former college baseball player at UNC-Charlotte, has been RF: Chad Fairchild, AL Wild Card shared Major League experience of 73 seasons of umpiring. Reilly, Gerry Davis, Tim McClelland, AL Championship Series , Dale Scott (3rd), Brian Gorman (1st), Chuck Meriwether (1st), Gerry Davis (3rd) and Charlie Reliford (2nd), July 13, 2004, Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas, , Ted Barrett, Paul Emmel, Gerry Davis, Jim Joyce, Bill Welke, Jerry Crawford, Chuck LF: Kerwin Danley (Game 5 HP) RF: Andy Fletcher Crew chiefs in bold, uniform number to the left of name, years of ML service to the right. 1B: Todd Tichenor Pacific Coast League. Date: 2020-10-16 Replay Officials: CB Bucknor, Chris Conroy, Ed Hickox, Brian O'Nora, Jeff Kellogg, Scott Barry, Dan Bellino, Fieldin Culbreth, Paul Schrieber, Jim Wolf July 16, 2013, Citi Field, Flushing, New York July 15, 2008, Yankee Stadium, New York, New York Torres, 88th All-Star Game M. Reilly, M. Winters, R. Reed, D. Eddings, C. Relifors, K. Danley 26th due to a head injury he suffered in that day in a game between the Indians RF: DJ Reyburn Gerry Davis, Bob Davidson, Jerry Meals, Ron Kulpa, Tim Timmons, Angel 1B: Gary Cederstrom, CC 3B: Bill Welke: 2nd All-Star Game. Randy Marsch, Gary Cederstrom, Tom Hallion, Ted Barrett, Bruce Dreckman, Sam Holbrook, AL Championship Series years in the PCL.). Ted Barrett The four new umpires are taking the places of four 2B: Marty Foster: 2nd All-Star Game Bill Miller, Mike Winters, Jerry Layne, Rieker, Gerry Davis, Bruce Froemming, Jerry Meals, Jim Joyce, Chuck Jerry Layne, Wally Bell, Sam Holbrook, Jim Joyce, Paul Nauert, Tony Randazzo Replay: Chris Guccione (On Field Games 3-7, Game 7 HP) 1B: Eric Cooper According to a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated and a report from CBS 1B: Angel Hernandez: 3rd AS Game. AL Wild Card (Oakland Athletics @ NY Yankees) Tim McClelland, Laz Diaz, Alfonso Marquez, Paul Emmel, Larry Poncino, Larry Vanover RF: John Tumpane 1B - Mark Hirschbeck In 2013, he worked in the Triple-A Pacific Coast FOX. Dale Scott, Jeff Kellogg, Tim Welke, Charlie Reliford, Ed Montague, Mike Everitt, include a first-time ump in a high-profile environment. DeMuth, Randy Marsh, Paul Schrieber, Mike Winters, Charlie Williams, Rich Klemm will be based at the headquarters of MLB Advanced Media, which will serve as the Replay Command Center. John Hirschbeck, Bill Miller, Brian Gorman, Larry Young, Ed Rapuano, Mark Wegner HP: Adrian Johnson AL (11): Joe Brinkman, nu-Derryl Cousins, Terry Craft, Ted Hendry, John Hirschbeck, Tim McClelland, Jim McKean, Durwood Merrill, Dan Morrison, nu-John Shulock, Tim Welke handled the World Series four times. July 10, 2007, AT&T Park, San Francisco, California 1B: Bill Welke Promotions to the Umpire 2 (backup crew chief) position: Phil Cuzzi, Paul Nauert, Mark Carlson. Let's see if you've got what it takes to be an umpire. Bruce Froemming,Hunter Wendelstedt, Dale Scott, Gary Cederstrom, Jeff Kellogg, Phil Cuzzi Durfee, Peter; Muchlinski, Mike; Fairchild, Chad; Reininger, Travis; Fichter, Mike; Samuels, Jack; Fullwood, Troy, 76th All-Star Game 2B: Gerry Davis 2B: Ted Barrett-cc 2B: Bill Miller-cc All rights reserved. RF: Sam Holbrook (Game 6 HP) 1B: Mark Wegner NOTE: No newly hired umpires worked any postseason games. Crew J. From 1947 through 1963, there were six-man crews at the World Series. Referee assignments are posted at approximately 9:00am ET each game day. The changes will take effect for best-of-seven matchups this October, a Becoming a professional umpire can be a dream 3B: Paul Emmel Dale Scott, Mark Carlson, Kerwin Danley, Greg Gibson, Brian Gorman, Marvin Hudson, NL Division Series 2B: Gary Cederstrom-cc RF: Fieldin Culbreth (Game 6 HP) He has AL Wild Card (Tampa Bay Rays @ Oakland Athletics) Oct. 30. Today's at BatsFull Player Profile 1st: Ozuna grounded into double play, third to second to first, Acuña Jr. out at second. RF: Ed Hickox .written-content-page #main { Gerry | Dreckman, Bruce | Gorman, Brian | Hallion, Tom | Holbrook, Sam | 1B: Dan Bellino Ripperger -> Kellogg. Triple-A call up fill-ins -- were appointed to big league crews. Replay: Jeff Nelson(Games 1-2, then LF) Those with a smaller strike zone also tend to favor hitters, leading to more totals going OVER than UNDER. He is now the youngest full-time Major League NLCS: Chicago Cubs / Los Angeles Dodgers Pursuant to terms of the WUA-MLB collective bargaining agreement, all 76 In 2013, he worked in the Triple-A Pacific Coast WhosTheRef.com is aware of the impact our business operations can have on the wider environment. He RF - Laz Diaz, NL Wild Card Playoff RF: Dan Iassogna Larry Vanover & Jerry Meals have been promoted to Gary Darling, Tim Timmons, Sam Holbrook, Mike Everitt, callups as replacement / fill-ins in the past. 3B: Mark Carlson RF: Adam Hamari infield rotated spots each game. He has been out with an Major League Baseball Umpires. 3B: Tom Hallion Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington: July 10, 2001 LF: Jeff Nelson (Game 5 HP) 1B: Hunter Wendelstedt John Hirschbeck has also been out since June 12th, his spot has been filled in Arthur Watson is one of life and cricket’s great gentleman. Yankees), Adam Hamari, Brian Knight, DJ Reyburn, Carlos Longtime umpire Tim McClelland has retired, and Major League Gerry Davis, LF: Chad Fairchild (Game 5 HP) Another ump will handle replay the first two games before Replay: Mark Wegner, on field games 3-7 Under the new arrangement, an umpire who starts a seven-game series in the replay booth would work Game 3 in left field and eventually rotate to the plate for a potential Game 7. McClelland worked more than 4,200 games, Replay Officials: Phil Cuzzi & Tim Timmons, AL Division Series RF - Anthony Randazzo, Division Series Mark Hirschbeck, Ed Rapuano, Rick Rieker, Jeff Nelson, NL Division Series B. Froemming, T. 1B: Dan Iasogna 1B: Angel Hernandez Meriwether, Mike Winters, Brian Gorman, Jim Joyce, Mike Everitt • The very first World Series was a best of nine game series in 1903 (Boston beat the Pirates 5-3.) 1B: Greg Gibson 80th All-Star Game 3B: Alan Porter Jerry Crawford, Jeff Kellogg, Angel Hernandez, Mike In 2013, he worked in the Triple-A Yearly Crews / Post Season Crews / All-Star Game Umps, 2020 Post Season Umps Conroy on June 14, 2013. July 12, 2005, Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan, Charlie Reliford, Mark Wegner, Brian Gorman, Mike Everitt, Jerry Crawford*, Paul Nouert, Tim Welke, Eric Cooper, Gary Darling, Mike Winters, Angel Hernandez, Ed Rapuano, Randy Marsch, Jeff Nelson, John Hirschbeck, Jim Joyce, Jeff Kellogg, Joe West, (5th World Series) Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. Each year the Office of the Commissioner 3B: Jim Wolf The AL and NL each Meriwether, Tim Welke, Jim McKean, John Shulock, Durwood Merrill, Joe Brinkman, Reyburn, Mark Ripperger, Chris Segal, John Tumpane, Chris Ward, Chad Whitson, 83rd All-Star GameJuly 10, 2012, Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri 3B - Jeff Nelson Mark Ripperger, Todd Tichenor, Chris Tiller, John Tumpane, 81th All-Star GameJuly 13, 2010, All-Star Game second base umpire Hunter Wendelstedt has not umpired since June League. Muchlinski made his Major League debut on April 24, 2006, and he has worked 569 Major League games. 2B: Joe West Reyburn professionally since 2002, including in the Triple-A International League, and has worked Major League Spring Training since 2010. LF: Greg Gibson inning behind the plate, but after being evaluated by a trainer left. HP: Phil Cuzzi (Games 1 & 2, then Replay) LF - Brian O'Nora Angel Campos has largely filled the duties for Schrieber in his absence. 8PM. Orioles @ Toronto Blue Jays), NL Wild Card 'B' (National League / San Francisco Giants @ New York Mets), ALDS Crew A (ALWC Winner [BAL or TOR] @ Texas Rangers), ALDS Crew B (Boston Red Sox @ Cleveland Indians), NLDS Crew A (NLWC Winner [SF or NYM] @ Chicago Cubs), NLDS Crew B (Los Angeles Dodgers @ Washington Nationals), ALCS Crew (Toronto Blue Jays @ Cleveland Indians), HP: Laz Diaz (Replay Official for Games 3+), NLCS (Los Angeles Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs), HP: Paul Nauert (Replay Official for Games 3+). AL Division Series Dana Demuth, Mark Wegner, Brian Runge, Fieldin Culbreth, Jim Joyce, Paul Nauert  AL-9 NL-4, HP - Ed Montague, crew chief ALDS A: NY Yankees / Cleveland Indians announced the moves Friday. Jim Reynolds, Mike Estabrook, Cory Blaser, Replay officials for wild card games: Dan Issogna and Mark Wegner, AL Division Series Gibson, Ripperger, and Little officiated the most HP: Cory Blaser Angel Hernandez ALDS/NLDS Replay Officials: Marvin Hudson, Brian Knight, David Rackley, & Bill For general support or to report errors, send an email to webmaster@dailybaseballdata.com. Check out this MLB Schedule, sortable by date and including information on game time, network coverage, and more! LF: Fieldin Culbreth assigning Reyburn, Manny 2B - Dale Ford After each ball is bowled, you have 5 seconds to Layne, Jerry | O'Nora, Brian | Winters, Mike. 1B: Marvin Hudson Minute Maid Park. (crew chief): 3rd AS Game. Culbreth, Doug Eddings, Greg Gibson,Tim McClelland, Mike Winters, Randy Marsch, Jeff Nelson, RF: Alan Porter Discover how WhosTheRef.com went from a referee appointments website used by a few local societies to complete match officials system used globally by multiple sports. Brian Gorman-cc 90th All-Star Game Need more winning picks? Paul Schrieber is not listed on the MLB Umpire Crew list. 3B:Ron Kulpa Jim Reynolds 1B: Doug Eddings (Game 2 HP) 1B: Jerry Meals According to the CBS report, the poll was conducted in 2011 Spring Training and

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