what happened between fred thursday and his wife

In the second series, after Morse returns to active duty following his being shot, Jakes seems to no longer be jealous toward Morse and no longer picks on him, believing him to have earned his keep. Allam added how Thursday was completely out of his comfort zone meaning things just weren't as easy. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Family Edit. Morse shoots the wrong man, shooting is not your game,” one fan wrote after the dramatic climax. ‘Six o’clock news... lime juice and gin.’ The second son. Their romance appears to have ended when Morse was sent to jail at the end of series 2, though they remain friends after his release. During his time in the Army, Thursday married Win. Joan visits Morse when she is hit and kicked out by her boyfriend. A Woman's Place Is In Your Face. what happened to thursdays daughter in endeavour Joan Thursday is Inspector Thursday’s daughter. Thursday is one of the more noble and honourable figures in the series and takes the young Endeavour under his wing, clearly seeing Endeavour's high level of intelligence when it comes to police work. In the Series 3 finale, the bank where Joan works is robbed and she is taken hostage, along with the other employees. First seen in Series 5, Episode 2, Cartouche, when Charlie and his family visit Fred's family in Oxford. After luring Thursday and Morse to the abandoned school for wayward youth, he reveals that he’s murdered the Chief Constable, and framed Morse for the crime — but not before fatally shooting Thursday. An already-intense case reveals that as a child Jakes was a victim of physical abuse and sexual assault in a school for “wayward youth,” and at the hands of men who are now powerful members of the community, including the Assistant Chief Constable of their area, Clive Deare. His performance roots the whole episode and his quiet determination to solve the murder of Drake is one which drives both him and everyone else along. Well, it seems that the situation has gone from bad to worse, with a fed-up Win growing distant from her husband, and eventually spending more and more time away from the home. And he’s not the only one getting leaned on: Strange begins to feel the pressure at his masonic lodge, and Thursday is told “it’s Morse or you” when the situation is revealed to him by Box. The finale ends with no news as to Thursday's condition, which appears grave, or as to whether or not he lives or dies. Sam Thursday is Inspector Thursday's son, portrayed by Jack Bannon, who has a job in Oxford but is preparing to serve in the British Army. However, her interest is unreciprocated. When she begins taking anti-depressants to deal with her own sorrow, it only serves to confuse and upset her old-fashioned husband. Meanwhile, Morse’s sergeant’s exam goes missing, which causes an automatic failure, and Morse to reciprocate Thursday’s cruel behavior, only furthering the slowly growing rift between the two.

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