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Tapping WeChat icon on your phone, and then click the [sign up] button. Register Your Official WeChat Business Account in 3 Simple Steps. Recently, she came back to China to start a new chapter of her life. I just want to let you know that i finally got the account! I’ll appreciate any help from you on how I can create and setup a WeCHat Official Account outside China. Facebook) and try to push them for support. Hi Louise, most people aren’t getting responses at the moment. Documentation to prove the existence of the company (business license, tax form etc. Can an business that is located outside of China use a Chinese partner register on their behalf in order to overcome the above ? After your account is approved, WeChat will send your WeChat id and password, which you will need to log-in on admin WeChat platform. ©COPYRIGHT 2020 Guangzhou Ehaitech Information Technology Co. Ltd. All rights reserved, How to Register a WeChat Business Account, Chinese Digital Marketing: Something You Need to Know About Toutiao Advertising, Chinese Social Media Marketing: Top 5 Reasons Why Choosing Douyin. Yes Louis, no specific restriction to Hong Kong for opening a wechat account . Therefore, it suits businesses with large customer bases. The process is very straightforward and fast, plus Chinese OA’s are viewable to both Chinese WeiXin users and international WeChat users. To be clear, a China WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) is a Chinese company and can directly register WeChat Official Accounts. I’ve already emailed to support@wechat.com and still waiting on a response from them. Yes we can help you to register an account in Philippines, please contact us. We recommend that our international clients take this route. Ensure you have a Chinese representative to manage the set up as their id photo and number is required. If you are worried about improper use of your business license or personal ID, I have seen people add Chinese text over their scans saying “For the purposes of WeChat Registration Only” or something to that effect. Pingback: What are the differences between WeChat's Service and Subscription Accounts? How could we open an official Wechat platform? WeChat’s penetration of Chinese Netizens  reach  93% in China’s Top Tier cities. Wechat is a hub of innovation, therefore presenting a strategy that demonstrates this is beneficial. It is vital to mention whether you wish to have access to WeChat’s advanced features and developer tools. Thanks for your concern. You should only run into an issue if you choose to verify the account. hi, I’m in Australia, can I register a subscription public account as individual? Contact us…. I tried to register for almost a month now but I just couldn’t register. Here’s how WeChat’s Official Account system currently breaks down, Register a WeChat Official Account as a Mainland China entity, How to Register a WeChat Official Account. You can register a WeChat account as an individual or a business. WeChat Enterprise accounts, however, are designed for internal use, so you are able to control who can follow your enterprise account and eject followers as needed. Input additional information: Company registration number, office address and office phone number, scope of business, bank account number, name of company’s legal representatives, and information about the person-in-charge (PIC). You can try, but I doubt you’ll hear anything back from WeChat. Please select your account type: Before we proceed with the registration. 20 Best Strategies to enter the Chinese Market, Honey Market in China: Great Opportunity for Foreign Producers. Weibo is China's Twitter but more. Each business license can register and verify up to 5 WeChat Official Accounts. How do I control who can or cannot subscribe to my official account? Hi, i would like to apply for wechat official account. Once an account name has been created it cannot be changed; so be sure before starting the registration process. We come from different backgrounds and have different cultural views which make us the ideal international team to develop your interests in China. Our customers choose us because of our; efficiency, pragmatic approach and innovative solutions adapted to the market. After that, you won’t be able to refund the verification fee. You cannot transfer or merge an account with another one in terms of followers as they are linked solely to the initial account set up. Is it any other way for me to register a wechat official account beside using this method? I know most people have problem to sign on WeChat , that s why agencies like us exist. In the second section under Operator management, click on the green button to add an operator. A Subscription Account does not have push notifications to prevent accounts from spamming users. – 1 to 2 weeks if you are applying with a Chinese business license on the official website directly.– 1 to 2 months as a China WFOE. This article has been viewed 29,491 times. Now all WeChat Official Accounts are based on the same backend and accessible to Chinese users. thanks you very much for helping! If you are not incorporated in China, the process to set-up/create an official account is different as well as the fees. Fill out Basic Info with an email and password. The website link you provided, http://apply.wechat.com/, does not look like an official website from WeChat: there is no contact info, no copy right info, no Chinese language option… frankly, it looks like a fake website designed to trap businesses into given them your important information.

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