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His movies are becoming a thing again because they feature his mumbling, alcoholic (and seldom hilarious) self. They were all very good. ( Log Out /  It’s decently acted, competently shot and has an effective soundtrack. The make-up is shocking, sets are under-budgeted. The acting is terrible. There is a decent story in here somewhere. Check out the trailer above instead. I am struggling to get 5 lines of text for this horrible film. This is just awful screenwriting. Vengeance: A Love Story is an uneven but enjoyable thriller made all the better thanks to some solid acting from Cage, Johnson and Bateman. A trial with the drama and emotion of the People's Court mixed with the hyper-displays of Maury Povich guests. This Was Awful. But some of the cuts are so long (the mother in the hospital scene with cage) that it makes the actors look like overacting imbeciles. The tragedy and violence portrayed were not only convincing, but actually fomented a lust for vengeance in the viewer. Director Johnny Martin does a pretty nice job of building tension in the film, and if the story is a little ‘been there/done that' at times, at least getting to the end is an enjoyable and occasionally gripping ride. The 25 Best Console Launch Games (Since 2000). And at the end, the dialogue follows the two actors by way to rapid cutting. Extras are limited to a trailer, menus and chapter selection. Vengeance doesn't deliver even the fun of a nutty Cage performance, so viewers are stuck with a predictable plot, terrible dialogue and flat acting. Also she is 12? Without exception, the support cast are absolutely awful in this. From a jack@$$ judge to a lawyer making up ridiculous stories that are simply...believed without question. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. If you accept the fact its all been done before and it panders to both cage and Johnson's ego's you will enjoy it, the daughter and mother will make you smile, chuckle and cry, cry a lot. They don't know what subtext is. Nick Cage is about as convincing a cop as his hair color. Furthermore, when it cuts back to show part of the assault as John recounts it in court, it’s irritating, because we’ve seen it all before. Summary. No problems here. His John is pensive, brooding and angry but Cage stops short of chewing up any of the scenery. When Cage comes back later on things start to get interesting, but then it’s the end of the film and he’s barely been in it. I couldn't tough it out to watch this all the way through. That being said, no matter how bad a movie, I always enjoy Cage, he does a movie good. Will he sing or shout most of his lines? A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote. Ian lives in NYC with his wife where he writes for DVD Talk, runs Rock! No clue. There were good characters and great plot development. The don't know about character development or arc. I can only say that it is not worth to loose almost 2 hours of your time watching this film. Bass response is solid here too, gunshots pack a pretty solid punch. ( Log Out /  | Cage is turning into the twnenty-first century's answer to quintessential desperate Hollywood drunk Cameron Mitchell and people get a kick out of that. Feels like a made for TV cop show movie. It's beautiful. Based on Joyce Carol Oates‘ novel, Rape: A Love Story (it's no wonder the title was changed for the film adaptation! It has all the subtlety and breadth of a 3-year-old child's crayon drawing. They don't know the 7 basic plots. Painful. Check box if your review contains spoilers, On the Fourth of July, single mother Teena is brutally assaulted by a local gang in front of her 12-year-old daughter Bethie. The plot advances and just when you expect the movie to jump into high gear it only sputters, fizzles, and rapidly loses altitude. I get the feeling Don Johnson got the Harley. It is pretty much your standard revenge flick, where the bad guys get off in court, and they are dealt with via vigilante justice. ), 2017's Vengeance: A Love Story tells the story of a Gulf War veteran named John Dromoor (Nicolas Cage) who now works as a Los Angeles police officer. We don’t know, they’re simply pantomime villains to be booed and hissed at. Do anything else with your life for 90 minutes. Where does cage live? Later in the film, when John is doing what he does, yes, it plays in R-rated territory but he never comes across as a superhero, the film retains a decent sense of realism throughout. and the Terms and Policies, The film is also pretty astute in its use of violence. I will think long and hard before I rent another Cage movie. One of the worst films I have ever seen. Will his hair be magnificent? He plays a vigilante detective chasing down a gang of rapists. Finally showing to be a dud with a script that simply goes nowhere. I can only hope the writers were being ironically satirical with such a ridiculously over-the-top portrayal of how a trial works. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy All rights reserved. In one scene the beautiful mother goes through 5-6 moods/expressions. Fits perfectly in the "this is so bad is good" category but it won't put Sharknado to shame..Entertaining to watch though! I can see why this film did note score well as it has lots of fall downs, but as a film its worth watching. It's impossible to point a finger at the person responsible with two screenwriters fiddling with a novel. Have these idiots ever been in a court room. Metacritic Reviews. Some surprisingly good acting from couple of characters. Nicholas Cage plays John Dromoor, a stoic detective who meets the victim Teena (Anna Hutchison) in a bar before the crime and is now driven to protect her. Besides some clunky exposition about his past, the answers are not forthcoming. The film was shot digitally so there's obviously no print damage or grain issues to discuss. Actually, come to think of it, it doesn’t have much love either. Find a full list of the movie and TV titles headed to disc in March,... Film Friday (8/18): This Week's New Movie Trailers. He's barely even playing a character. Cage himself is oddly transcendent when he's on screen, slurring and downplaying his lines up to a point it becomes uncomfortable to watch. It’s long and drawn out, not in a brutal, hard-hitting way, but in an OK-we-get-the-message way, where a soaring score makes it painfully obvious that This Is A Sad Moment. A slow-burn revenge flick that builds tension, but doesn't follow through. Directed by Johnny Martin, from a screenplay by veteran television scribe John Mankiewicz, and based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, Vengeance: A Love Story is in many ways a standard boilerplate crime thriller with good people caught in morally unbalanced dilemmas. Nicolas Cage became a cult figure before anyone could notice over the last decades and not because he's miraculously reappearing in big productions. Once you admit that this is a Nick Cage produced film and enjoy it as a story, it actually is a good film. Pittsburgh City Paper December 18, 2017 Vengeance doesn't deliver even the fun of a nutty Cage performance, so viewers are stuck with a predictable plot, terrible dialogue and flat acting. And to top it off...the entire courtroom applauds?? Vengeance: A Love Story movie reviews & Metacritic score: On the Fourth of July, single mother Teena is brutally assaulted by a local gang in front of her 12-year-old daughter Bethie. Worst Screenwriter of All Time.Insane plot. The writer/ Director must think there is no audience of this film has an IQ north of 60. When Teena is attacked, the scene hits hard, making sure that we have no doubt as to whose side she is on. It spoils the entire thing. I haven't read Joyce Carol Oates' Rape : A Love Story, but I'd give it benefit of the doubt. She tells her mom off, says no to drinking without a thought, she fights the criminals, fights one of the criminals sister, takes care of everything. The worst crime about this movie, is that it was ever made. Vengeance : A Love Story is (or should be) primarily the story of Teena Maguire, a young woman in his thirties that gets brutally gang-raped and beaten in front of her horrified twelve years old daughter on the 4th of July. And Don Johnson did it because he could wear some nice suits and drive off on a Harley. Everything about this movie is bad; the script is atrocious; there is no character development, the whole cast is guilty of overacting, or being dull as dishwater, some are just wrongly cast and bad actors. It looks like she's never held a camera before. Production values are pretty strong here as well. The writing is atrocious though. This is generally how the film carries itself, with every emotion turned up to 11. But emotion does not a character make, and the characters offer little beyond the surface whether they’re on the side of the villains or the good guys. Shock! Nicolas Cage is beautiful in Vengeance : A Love Story, but I can't recommend it. Got through about an hour, and just had to quit. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! The direction is unenthusiastic and the editing looks like it was done using Windows XP. They always say "show dont tell" but literally every piece of characterization is dont through a line of descriptive dialogue. Cage is an enjoyable actor to watch no matter what movie he's in. Never really get to know the woman well enough to see her do anything and the daughter is portrayed as strong throughout and never really changes. Even though Bethie is able to identify the attackers, the defense hires a local hot-shot defense attorney who manipulates the law to their advantage. Cage needs to hang it up, and hang that wig up too. The other star, Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame, puts in a commendable performance as the defence lawyer for the scumbags. Partner then approaches, "Man John, you are a war hero, purple heart, no family left in town and have 20 years as a police officer...why not just retire man....full pension." The whole movie (at least the first half that I could stomach) is a bunch of contrived plot devices that would insult the intelligence of an infant, cobbled together with the sole purpose of shoehorning in an agenda. Actually chasing down isn't quite the right term. Books, Movies, Music and Pop Culture Mayhem. I can't believe how old he is, looks amazing. I suspect some other reviewers to be in the movie industry...or they just haven't seen that many movies yet. This movie is set within the savior fantasies of its director and screenwriter. Blogger, brooding author, basketball enthusiast and apostle of critical awareness. After watching the trailer and especially as it's a Nicolas Cage movie; I was expecting a lot! The directing, or the story, maybe both come off week. Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. Anna Hutchison is nothing if not entirely sympathetic as the victim, and young Talitha Bateman is surprisingly good as her daughter. Nic Cage peers at a woman at the bar and the bar tender approaches, "Her names Teena, husband died of cancer a few years back, has a 6 year old daughter."

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