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Why you should watch: Nang Nak ranks the lowest in terms of scares as it was filmed so long ago, and we didn’t have much techniques to produce scary movies at the time. In "Flame", a man is haunted by regret and a ghost after he survives a nightclub fire that killed his girlfrien... A Thai girl called Cee follows her sister into the movie business. Plus, jumpscare techniques are used to make the story interesting. Based on a true story, Nang Nak is a horror classic that has … Although there aren’t many laughs in this film, it has beautiful cinematography, a talented cast, and a haunting soundtrack. Did you love reading scary story collections as a kid? Based on a true story, Nang Nak is a horror classic that has received a lot of attention in Thailand over the last 20 years. You Don’t Want to Miss Out on These Thai Horror Movies. There are psychological films that will stay with you long after the credits roll. A horror reality show known as The Death Camp is hosted at a war museum. However, the only real similarity between these films is that they are all visually graphic. In this film, the main character inherits the curse of Krause. Horror Musicals: A List of Gothic/Dark Musicals, Best Indonesian Horror Movies: The Definitive List, Australian Horror Movies: The Best Scary Films from Australia, 15+ Smart Horror Movies That Intelligent Horror Fans Can’t Get Enough Of, Holiday Horror: The Best Christmas Horror Movies, Best Russian Horror Movies: From the Soviet Union to Today, A24 Horror Movies: A List of Scary Movies by A24, Slow Burn Horror Movies — The Art of Atmospheric Horror Films, Japanese Horror Movies: The Best J-Horror Films, Bollywood Horror Films: The Best Hindi Scary Movies, Funny Zombie Movies: Best Zombie Comedies Ever Made (List). From gore fests to psychological thrillers, this list of Netflix Asian horror movies has everything it takes to inspire goosebumps and sleepless nights. As the game progresses, she is suspected to be one of the game’s controllers – that’s till things start going awry. Pee Mak is currently one of the best Thai horror movies in the industry. Now that you know about 7 of the best Thai horror movies, you … This film was inspired by the real-life phenomenon of capturing ghosts in photos. The movie was later remade by Hollywood in 2008, and has spread the scares more. You should branch out and expose yourself to films from around the world. 15 Best Thai Horror Movies Pee Mak. It has a little something for everyone: horror, romance, comedy, don't miss out on this film. What follows is a series of lies, destruction, and apparitions that will make you understand why this film is considered a horror cult classic. Some viewers may find the films difficult to watch, but they're very entertaining and scary. © 2020 Digital Media Rights, all rights reserved. This movie will be especially scary to anyone who’s ever illegally downloaded a movie before. The film follows Nott as he volunteers to retrieve corpses from wrecks and keeps the souvenirs of the bodies he finds in the hopes that he will be able to converse with the dead and see his girlfriend once more. Although her career as an actress is taking off, her love life takes a nose dive after she finds out that her boyfriend, Aof, has a n... A serial killer is preying on the rich and influential, exposing their sexual proclivities, dismembering them and dumping them and their severed body parts in various locations around Thailand. Most people may think of beaches or a wild nightlife when they imagine Thailand, but Thai people are also some of the most brilliant horror movie producers in the entire world. Is a man coming home from the war just disturbed or is there truly something wrong with the family he’s returning to?

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