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Talley's Folly will run at The Sheldon Vexler Theatre through March 1, 2015 with performances at 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays, 8 p.m. on Saturdays and 2:30 p.m. on Sundays. But Matt senses somewhere beneath her cultivated chilliness a fire of need glowing. The venerable Pasadena Playhouse launches its 2004 legit season with the Arizona Theater Co.’s staging of Lanford Wilson’s venerable Pulitzer Prize winner. It’s a place of escape, away from the relatives among whom the liberal-minded Sally feels trapped. Box Office, Tom Petty’s Daughter, Adria, on the Excavation of ‘Wildflowers’: ‘It Feels the Closest to Who He Really Was’, Kanye West Responds to Issa Rae’s ‘SNL’ Joke: ‘I’m Praying for Her and Her Family’. When Matt finally lays bare the reasons for his previous emotional reticence, Mr. Burstein recites the sad story with a moving simplicity, his antsy eagerness at last held in check. The circumstances that keep Sally from stalking off, as she keeps threatening to do, can become a little mechanical; the stories of the characters’ wounded hearts, revealed in naturally written but nevertheless carefully shaped monologues, pair up perhaps a little too neatly. Stay abreast of discount offers for great theater, on Broadway or in select cities. Someday, perhaps, this wonderful work will be presented in repertory with its other two chapters (Talley & Son and Fifth of July). Author Brian Scott Lipton Locations New … Gracious but wary, her Sally remains locked within her defensive poise like a princess in a highly fortified castle: whenever she feels herself beginning to dance to Matt’s rhythms, she folds her arms tightly across her body and stills herself into self-containment again. Enjoy live events at insider prices. “You can chase me away or you can put on a pretty dress,” he says at one point, after one of Sally’s many protestations of indifference. By signing up you are confirming you are 16 or over. Matt is hoping that the unlikely summertime romance that has bloomed between these two can be transformed into something permanent, even though communication has broken down. Traister has brought out all the shadings of Wilson’s dialogue and characters, imbuing a rich subtext within what could easily seem like meandering chatter. More important is her own deep, dark secret that she really wants to stay holed up inside her heart. Reed gets her half of the seemingly mismatched romantic duo just right. Her Sally Talley, who by 1944 standards is at 31 a practically middle-aged old maid, is scrappy, often short-tempered and oh-so-achingly vulnerable. Maybe at one point this -what ever it is – was a love story. Complimentary and Deeply Discounted Shows. Ricky Gervais' Monologue - 2020 Golden Globes - Duration: 8:00. In most auditions, you’ll only be performing for 1 or 2 minutes. The two characters never leave the stage and, as Friedman informs the audience in a 10-minute opening monologue before Sally’s arrival, “If everything goes well for me tonight this should be a waltz, one-two-three, one-two-three, a no-holds-barred romantic story.” Yet there is a sensual schism separating the two that is never bridged. Mr. Burstein plays Matt Friedman, a Jewish accountant north of 40 who takes the lead in this moonlight sonata, set in a dilapidated boathouse on the grounds of the grand family home where Ms. Paulson’s Sally Talley resides, somewhat unhappily. As anxious as Sally's family may be to have this avowed "old maid" leave their house for good, they're none-too-happy about handing her over to a man they perceived to be a "Communist." View our Privacy Policy. Nor is any tactic off limits to this determined swain: Matt jokes, he cajoles, he goofs around on roller skates (and falls through the boathouse’s rickety wooden floor, just in time to bring Sally running back to see if he’s O.K.). Even at its premiere, aspects of this theatrical pas de deux probably felt slightly fusty. (The others are “Fifth of July,” which opened on Broadway in 1980 a couple of weeks before “Talley’s Folly” closed after a healthy run of nearly 300 performances, and “Talley & Son,” from 1985.) Talley’s Folly introduces two mature misfits who have about given up on love but finally find While blessed in some ways with tackling the show's flashier and arguably meatier role, Burstein has also been handed the greater challenge, especially for those who still carry the indelible memory of Matt's original portrayer, Judd Hirsch. A tour de force exercise in two-character interaction, as a 42-year-old Jewish ex-refugee (Michael Santo) attempts to woo a thoroughly WASP, 31-year-old Midwestern spinster (Angela Reed). Laura Pels Theater at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theater, Sarah Paulson and Danny Burstein in the Roundabout Theater production of “Talley’s Folly.”. Talley’s Folly Pasadena Playhouse launches its 2004 legit season with the Arizona Theater Co.'s staging of Lanford Wilson's venerable Pulitzer Prize winner. And presto, we're eager to join in and help out. Danny Burstein and Sarah Paulson in the Roundabout Theater’s revival of the Lanford Wilson play. The play is a valentine to a classic romantic ideal: two lost souls finding in each other a respite from loneliness. For one thing, it's the middle of World War II and the future of America is still in flux. Set on the evening of July 4, 1944, Matt has driven from St. Louis to claim the heart of the woman he met a year earlier while on vacation in Lebanon.

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