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Year of Death Victim of Not everyone was caught and killed in the aftermath depending on either version of the story, some students survived in the novel or in the films. She only longes for peace and has begun embracing death driven by the experience she had when she witnessed Carrie die in such a close manner. She found Carrie at home in a bathtub full of red, bloody water with her mother dead nearby, so she pulled the girl out and managed to revive her after Carrie's mother attempted to drown her previously and then hid her. BE AMAZED Recommended for you. She returns, when she sees fire coming from the direction of the High School. She dates the sheriff, but is still haunted by the events surrounding Carrie White. The cross-style For Sale sign in the above sequence had the words, "Carrie White Burns In Hell" scrawled on its front meaning, apparently, that not even until death was Carrie able to find peace. Get your own music profile at, the world’s largest social music platform. Mrs. Snell (Mother)Mr. Snell (Father)Sue Snell's Sister (Sister) Website by Web Publisher PRO, Don't miss a headline! Cynthia Sue Snell, of Woodbridge Virginia died at her home. In this version Sue was portrayed by Kandyse McClure, whose characterization sported a hair style similar to that of Amy Irving's version. For her, it is as though she is condemned to follow her to her death, because of it. During the crowning ceremony of Carrie White and Tommy Ross for Prom King and Queen, Tommy's girlfriend Sue Snell, witnesses a rope attached to a bucket directly above Carrie's head and attempts to stop it from falling. She was friends with Chris Hargensen and dated the popular athlete Tommy Ross. After discharge, and still haunted by memories of the past, Sue became a school counselor at the reformed Bates High School. Year of Birth Students suffocated from the smoke and are burned alive like grilled chickens. Sue then took Carrie to Florida where she could help others who possessed powers similar to hers. Arlington National Cemetery. Carrie is also seen throwing Nicki and Lizzy Watson down to the floor like rag dolls with her telekinetic powers as they try to stand up, she forces them to stay on the floor as panic students trample them to death. Everybody in the gym begins to panic and trample each other to reach the exits, but they can't escape. She was set to appear in the planned TV series, that never occurred. It is implied, she has broken ties with the school because of what has happened. Rachel, however, did not believe in anything and left. Amy Irving asked Brian De Palma for his blessing before she went back to the role of Sue Snell for the sequel. She rushed to the locked front door calling out for Rachel, and as she tried to look inside, Sue was instantly killed when a fire poker hurtled through the door and her head. According to the novel, Sue had been dating Tommyfor 6 months and became his lover two months before the time when the novel supposedly took place. After members of the students and some of the staff began to laugh, Carrie went into a shock-induced trance as Miss Desjardin, Helen Shyres, Roy Evarts, and Mr. Morton attempted to help her off stage, but a mysterious wave pushes them back. Cynthia Sue Snell, of Woodbridge Virginia died at her home. Rachel's schizophrenic mother Barbara happened to be at the Arkham asylum Sue had been, and asked Rachel about her fear of becoming what her mother was, which was "perfectly normal" on her age. lee Leftely. Sue is later seen at a courtroom, where she tried to defend her testimony of the Black Prom. Sue rushed therefore to her mother's car and drove to the scene of the incident. A bucket of pig's blood tied to a rope was poured on Carrie White while she and Tommy Ross were on stage for the Prom King and Queen crowning ceremony. After that, Sue began to either have her period or a miscarriage. She also has to witness the Black Prom and calls the police. Sue Snell is an intelligent and popular girl. After testifying that she found Carrie dead and left her alone, both Sue and Carrie visited Mrs. White's grave at night so they wouldn't be seen and later left Chamberlain. Also, there was no mention of her pregnancy. And she had a sexual relstionship with him for two months. Rachel initially agreed, and Sue told her that 23 years before, she tried to help someone, and it backfired horribly. The flaming curtain eventually set the whole school on fire. Enter your email address to recieve a notification for any new activity on this notice. Due to the amount of electricity that is rushing through him, his body explodes into flames, and the sparks from the lights set the curtain on fire. Carrie White & Sue Snell | Sacrifice RunsWithWolves. She has a boyfriend named Tommy Ross. Mrs. Snell (Mother)Mr. Snell (Father)Sue Snell's Sister (Sister)Isabelle Carrietta Snell (Daughter) The Black Prom is a term used for the massive fire that occurred at Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine and for the subsequent massacre in the town. Portrayed by Amy Irving After Sue leaves, the gravestone cracks and breaks, while Carrie's scream is heard in the background implying she might have survived. To cleanse her name and Tommy's she later writes a book regarding the events of the Black Prom from her perspective. Through the suicide of Lisa Parker she established contact with Rachel, the half-sister of Carrie White., Pages in this category are related to the. In the novel Sue participated in the prank, though it was Christine Hargensen that started it all. It is revealed around this point that a terrified Billy and Chris are watching Carrie's rampage from the window. Moments later, a bucket of pig's blood tied to the rope was dumped onto Carrie's head. She also sees Carrie's death. Tommy agreed, and the two were interrogated by Miss Collins on their true intentions. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sue knew that Carrie did all of this in revenge for the prank and that Tommy died in the school because of it. Among many deaths, the few people to survive claimed that the image of a girl greatly resembling Carrie was burned into their minds. After a girl known as Lisa Parker commited suicide on campus, Sue confronted her only friend Rachel Lang, a withdrawn outcast, who told her and Sheriff Kelton that Lisa went out with Eric Stark that weekend. She opens up the exit door to the school and walks home calmly as the door locks tightly, trapping students inside the burning school, who died screaming in agony and crying in fear. At Carrie's house she saw the blood of Carrie and followed it. When she arrived the school exploded and had therefore an accident with the car. Sue Snell She notices Christine Hargensen's and Billy Nolan's plot and is on the verge of preventing it, but Miss Collins detects her and interpreting it as an attempt to molest Carrie she throws her out of the gym. Rachel then tried to leave, reluctant, and Sue forced her to stay, insisting that they should talk. Sue felt guilty of what she did and asked Tommy to take Carrie to prom. She suspects it was Carrie´s doing, but doesn´t know if that was an act of retribution or an act of gratitude. She had been dating Tommy Ross for six months. They have made love several times. The event hits America hard and Chamberlain becomes more and more of a ghost town due to the unwillingness of its inhabitants to rebuild it after what happened and whose only attraction have become the ruins that this event caused and the actions of Carrie. Feeling guilty and regretful for her actions towards Carrie, Sue only told Chris to "Shut Up". Barbara told her about how terrifying children can be, and revealed that Rachel's real father was Ralph White, Carrie's father, a secret she kept after the events of the Prom Night. Required fields are marked *, © Copyright 2020 | All rights reserved by Potomac Local Media, LLC. Making You Smarter About Your Community. Carrie dies but not before transmitting to her everything about her life to her forcing her on the way to see for herself how ugly she has been to her before this. Sue does not become pregnant with Tommy's child, which excludes the whole abortion plot completely. Loading... Unsubscribe from RunsWithWolves? She had been dating Tommy Ross for six months. Sue's plan failed in a way that not even she expected. Family and friends can send flowers and condolences in memory of the loved one. She tries to redeem herself for what she did by convincing her boyfriend Tommy to go with her to the prom. Furthermore, on another note, Sue believed that Tommy had gotten her pregnant. Realizing she wants to be m… This scene plays out similarly to the 1976 film's ending. Now at peace after a courageous fight against her illness. Woodbridge, VA 22191 at a later date. In the novel Sue participated in the prank, though it was Christine Hargensen that started it all. Impalement: stabbed through head with fire poker. After the Black Prom massacre, she has nightmares about Carrie and it is implied she will never be the same again. There however, finding out that she didn´t know about a period feels very guilty about her behaviour and also feels disgusted about Chris´s behaviour after that regarding the incident. Afraid of Carrie and of the events, she went away from there. It is implied that all the events surrounding The Black Prom have broken Sue´s heart to the core. She also defends Tommy and her own actions. Even though Carrie killed my entire senior class during the prom - including my boyfriend, Tommy Ross - I still don't blame her. When Miss Desjardin punishes the girls, she accepts it and makes Christine shut up regarding her protest about the punishment. Sue also told her about a princeton lab that studied psychic abilities, where she could find help. Furthermore, … Sue was shocked about the death of Carrie and about her pregnancy, because not even she suspected, that she was pregnant from the start, but was also happy at the same time about it.

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