succession season 2 finale recap

What does Kendall do now that he’s the only Roy to have actually, meaningfully broken from the family patriarch? Mon 14 … What happened in the finale of Succession? Succession’s Roy family wrapped up Season 2 by hashing out their issues aboard a luxury yacht… and one key character went down with the ship. The ‘Trial of the Chicago 7’ Character Rankings, The Dodgers’ Postseason Demons Are on Hold—for Now. All of Season 1 hinged on his unsuccessful coup against his aging and potentially addled father, provoked when Logan walked back on his promise to retire and hand over the reins. This means war. HBO's 'Succession' Season 2 Premiere: Time, How to Watch, Live Stream, 'Succession' finale recap: What happened at the end of Season 2? Succession kicked off Season 2 with Kendall Roy making a zombified TV appearance, pushed in front of a camera and blankly mouthing soundbites his … So in writing about last night’s episode, I decided to go with more of a love letter than a recap. This comes after a talk Logan and Kendall have in which Logan says he trusts his son, but in doing this turns him against him and sets his course on destroying his father. Season 1 belonged to Kendall, the Don Jr.–Lachlan Murdoch hybrid we pitied and loathed in equal measure; Season 2 zeroed in on Siobhan (Sarah Snook), or “Shiv” for short, gradually dismantling our image of her as the likable one. The finale to Succession’s bravura second season, written by series creator Jesse Armstrong, takes care to create a sense of the cumulative. ... ‘Succession’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Fall Out Roy . Here's a full recap. Disclosure: HBO is an initial investor in The Ringer. Succession gifted us with great TV by doing what all great cultural follow-ups do—it doubled down on what was working in S1 while exploring new territory. But Kendall’s decision to (accurately) blame his father for the years of abuses on the company’s cruise lines, and assassinate his character in the process, actually alters the show’s status quo. There’s a group summit where Logan disingenuously floats the idea of stepping down as CEO of Waystar Royco, a reprise of a near-identical set-up from the season premiere. On Succession, it’s also shown just how deeply ingrained the Roys’ need for Logan’s approval, and distrust of one another instead of solidarity against their shared tormentor, truly is. Kendall’s turning on Logan is not, in and of itself, new. Derrick Henry rushed his way through the Texans while Aaron Rodgers "pumped" his way to an embarrassing loss. What’s different about this second, much more fundamental split is that Kendall isn’t doing it with an eye toward replacing Logan as the head of Waystar Royco.

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