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And each day I choose it again. “What’s really nice is coming back to your own bed, to be with your own family and to carry on with normal life,” says Sara, as she reflects on achieving the work-life balance most actors crave. Q5: Weaving hard life realities with the story of the ghostly hound boys from long ago Stag Chases was genius. , I sought out for my job as a Children’s bookseller! Now, almost four years later, I’m in school again to finish my degree but am still staying home too. 1 / 2. “Initially, I thought it was Agatha Christie’s former holiday home, ‘Greenway’, and although I later found out that it wasn’t, I’d heard all sorts of gossip going around about the elderly people who lived there,” explains Sara. My agent Joanna and I were already friends and she loved Bone Jack so that part was straightforward. For the win! I never dabbled in HP fanfiction, but I do live and breath that series. But EEK–I can’t believe how close it’s getting! Her clients include NYT Bestselling author Jonathan Maberry, USA Today Bestselling author Jeff Hirsch, as well as Nina LaCour, Michael Northrop, Lisa Schroeder, Kristen Tracy, and Dan Wells, and she is consistently ranked among the top three YA and MG agents in Publishers Marketplace. Place to relax: My dog, Nelly, is a stray found in Greece, and she’s a bit of everything: a collie, a whippet and a spaniel cross. My clients still come to me to find traditional publishers, and that is still mainly what I do. Eventually I realized that I wanted to write for young adults – something that had never occurred to me before, even though many of the books I love most are those I read as a child. Want to help us keep the website and podcast sustainable? x. My literary cocktail is 1/4 a world I can lose myself in, 1/4 characters that tear my heart to shreds, 1/4 gorgeous writing, and 1/4 pacing that won’t let me put the book down! Characters are one of my biggest motivators to keep reading. Place to visit: We really like to go to Winkworth Arboretum near Godalming. … This could be influenced by the fact that I’ve just finished Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan and WHOA, I have heard so many amazing things about UNSPOKEN and I still haven’t read it. I don’t really see Mark as a bad guy. I currently intern for an awesome literary agent, maybe one day I’ll rep some awesome authors too. I also love the way we misunderstand our language, many of the misinterpreted words in the story are taken from real life. For a new writer I want to love it first, but I also want something new—something that one of my talented super clients is not already doing. On the adult side, I represent commercial and literary fiction and a range of nonfiction. 11th Annual SCBWI International Winter Conference, Emmanuel's Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, Be a Changemaker: How to Start Something That Matters. Would you also like to be entered into the competition to win a signed copy and limited edition print? This began as a happy accident (sure, why NOT try to write a book?) The story has evolved so much under her patient, editorial guidance. It depends on which of my jobs is considered a career… my day job/paying job is not a source of happiness but my night job as an intern for Gennifer Albin is an amazing opportunity that I happened on by mistake. 1/4 laughs and witty dialogue, 1/4 sweet and steamy romance 1/2 flavorful characters, mixed with a twist of tension and dash of adventure. A dream house to escape to, a building of great beauty and charm set in glorious gardens where magical things can happen. Ghostly hound boys prowl the high paths, and in the shadows a wild man watches. Good luck with the job hunt! A time of letters and telephones on telephone tables attached to the wall. Good luck! L: What aspects do you like most about being an agent? Great voice pulls me in from the start. I’ve been writing ever since I was old enough to string a sentence together, compulsively filling notebook after notebook with a big mess of random imaginings. S: I think that what you want to find is an agent who is passionate about your book and your writing, who has knowledge of the marketplace, experience with your type of book and whose list is a place you think you belong and where you want to be. I don’t know how you get through all our mss plus the slush, and still manage to be so cheery and pleasant. Calling an author, especially a debut author, to tell them their book will be published never gets old. Nice interview! Thanks for the giveaway, Um, I’ll have one of those literary drinks too, please! Dec 28, 2019 . I am very much looking forward to reading your book, Erin! I needed a new job, so I applied to where I work, but I stayed where I work because I have a great Job and I am good at it. I’m looking forward to meeting Sara at the April conference. Of course skill and knowledge is necessary, but I must not forget that I require a little more. ( Log Out /  I’m looking forward to reading TAKEN–Ms. Looking forward to hearing from Sara re: my own query. Change ). I didn’t know what a satire was when I was 17! . Fingers crossed for you. My current profession is one that I sought out – lab technician at a beer factory! Sue is a wonderful character and I loved the voice you gave her, especially her habit of amalgamating two existing words in order to create something new, and her interesting spelling and grammatical choices. Maggie Stiefvater’s recent books (THE SCORPIO RACES and THE RAVEN BOYS) had be swooning for that exact reason. Taken sounds incredible! And do not make it all about the query—make sure the manuscript is in great shape before you start querying. April 10, 2014 ~ Rosh. I’m working as a teacher’s aide with an elementary school, which is a blast! You never know where they might take you , My current profession is definitely one I sought out! I’d always loved the idea of working for a nonprofit, but I was working toward something else at the time and applied for the job completely on a whim based on the fact that there was an opening and I knew someone who worked there. At the course, the lecture on agents focused so much on contracts and I was not very interested. Hands-on throughout the whole process or mitts off until the final product? I love working with kids but I’d like to write them stories even more. I’ve been fascinated by those old tales since I was a child and on some deep level they’re part of how I understand the world around me, with all its ancientness, wildness and mystery. It’s clear your clients LOVE you, so whatever it is, it’s working! Author Interview: Sara Crowe Yesterday was an amazing day for book releases and if you haven't read them yet, please check out my reviews of A Kiss In The Dark - the best yet from the wonderful Cat Clarke, who I spoke to recently - and Scam on the Cam, third in the brilliant Sesame Seade series. | The Gymkhana Club. I had big plans for a different path, but life threw me some big curve balls. What my website says about what I represent is this: I am an agent with Harvey Klinger, Inc., a full service boutique literary agency in New York where I represent both adult and children’s titles. , Another great interview. I do love assassins. Give us some insight on the juvenile nonfiction market from an agent’s perspective. I’m hoping to become a part of the publishing industry once I get my MBA (big dreams). And each day I love them. “Apparently, they’d sound a gong for dinner and get dressed up as if it was the 1930s, so that became the basis for my book. The story sounds great and that cover art is amazing! Good luck wading through the slush. Even having to get up super early to write, I’m so much happier now than I was when I was litigating! I’m currently fortunate enough to stay at home to work on my writing. Pretty please . I think I fell into writing, since I started writing original work in college after a brief stint in Harry Potter fanfiction. <3. Sounds right up my alley. Pet peeves? I am a student, and that is a career that I definitely sought out, worked hard to get the money for, and am currently going into debt because of. I have much less time to read my requested manuscripts than I used to! It is something I’ve hoped to do for a long time and I have a wonderful husband who stands by my side. I focused on the 1980’s and on the years before and during the second world war because the war years are such a fascinating period in history, so much happened to the world during that time and it changed forever as a result. kofiwidget2.init('Buy Us a Coffee! I started out as a lawyer and when I got pregnant, turned into a full time stay at home mommy which completely took me by surprise- but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. . Therefore, I reached out to the author for a little Q and A. Q1: What inspired you to write about Bone Jack? Mostly my philosophy for childrearing was to think of what my parents did and do the opposite. On the other hand, though, I do payroll and occasional writing for a home care company, which is something I had no idea I would ever do. That’s what makes it all worth it. What dark forces are at work? I’m so looking forward to TAKEN!

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