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She was saying she wants to visit Lisbon since she got there! Travel between the dispersed UNESCO World Heritage sites with ease on …, Taste the best that Lisbon has to offer on this private food tour. Access the city’s highlights with ease, ex …, Travel between three of Portugal’s most popular cities with ease on a hassle-free day trip from Lisbon, a great way to tick off more attractions in le …, With delicious food and drink around every corner, Lisbon’s a hot destination for foodies, and this tour ensures you find authentic versions of famous …, Combine Lisbon’s culture with its cuisine on a walking tour that includes tastings of Portuguese food and wine. We rode from Alfama all the way to end in Estrela, which actually wasn’t the best idea because it stopped and we had to get off and wait to get on again to go back. Oh my, what a great guide to Lisbon! . Also, the food is amazing! I only know people who live there that are freelancers sorry, so they already had their own work! After Athens, Lisbon is the capital city in Europe that has been around for the longest. Beautifully yet concisely written, and gorgeous photos! Much […] And it was still sunny of course! I thought I knew quite a lot about Lisbon but had to change my mind after reading your article. Or maybe I’m just too used to my free Spanish tapas in Almería! I was there at New Year and it was great! Fado has been around in the port districts of Lisbon since around the early 19th century. Keep an eye out for little gems like this as you walk around the streets of Lisbon. Well, I’d been told Portugal is great for solo travel, but also that spending a weekend in Lisbon with family or friends is a must. And the verdict? And there’s no shortage of more upmarket restaurants to try too. Lisbon will still be warm during the best time to visit, but should be less busy than the peak summer months. Lisbon is famous for its number 28 yellow tram and is one major reason why people visit, after seeing iconic photos of it moving through the narrow city streets. Just don’t go on one of the two days a year it’s closed, Christmas Day and New Years Day, like I did…, Read: How to Have the Best One Day in Sintra. Where would you recommend we stay (neighborhood-wise), if we were looking for an authentic Lisbon experience? The bakeries were SO good, and then I went to Porto and I loved them even more! If only to eat way to many pasteis de nata . It’s a bit out of the city centre but I’d put it on your list of where to go in Lisbon, especially since there are lots of other top sites in Lisbon to see nearby, like Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery. There are so many things to discover! That’s exciting, I hope you have an amazing time! It’s become such a popular location in the last few years and the subject of much discussion when it comes to overtourism and mass tourism. It may be best to book a tourist specific tram if you want to have commentary explaining the area and a seat. And that’s saying something given all of the history around here! Exciting about the move!!! Lisbon is built on seven hills. These are the best places for couples seeking tours in Lisbon: Which places provide the best tours in Lisbon for groups? But the truth is, you don’t really need to worry about when to travel to Lisbon because it’s likely there will be some sunshine for part of your stay at the very least! The classic 1930s trams are still in use today because the tight curves and steep hills are unsuitable for modern trams. The staff was very helpful, and gave great restaurant recommendations and helped us book a tour. Interesting tips, especially the ones on food. It’s somewhat known as the bohemian area of Lisbon. Thanks so much for your comment. When you’re visiting Lisbon make an effort to shop and eat at local places, search off the beaten tourist track for new experiences, take tours with local organisations working to promote the culture of Lisbon and Portugal as a way to help preserve it. Back in 2016, whenever I saw something about Lisbon I would think it sounded like a cool place to go but I never ranked it super high on my must-visit list. I’ll be in Ireland at TBEX too if that’s where you’re going! Check them we were really satisfied, just a little tip. Chorizo is the most common type, but I’ve also seen black pudding type sausages done in this way. Add fado to your must see in Lisbon list! On a stroll around Lisbon today it’s impossible the miss the beautifully tiled buildings and the huge amount of street art that’s all over the city. Book Now. These are the best places for budget-friendly tours in Lisbon: Continue your visit to www.tripadvisor.com, Unless you rent a car, traveling between the dispersed landmarks of Sintra and Cascais is a difficult task. Actually, cod is everywhere in Portugal, in almost every form. By: The Cooltours - Lisbon. Read More: Lisbon Itinerary: The Best of Lisbon in 2 Days. Lisbon is the most crowded in the summer, from June until August, so it’s better to avoid those months if you can. We did a wine tour there with a guide who relly knew everything about it.We loved porto wine. For example, of course the trams are like Lisbon’s famous symbols, but I didn’t know about the tuk tuks here haha. They’re called Azulejo Tiles or Azulejos. Try Pensao Amor. Those are great tips, but I think that won’t be enough. For a while now it has been the place to go out for a drink and a dance, with many bars spilling into the streets. Sign up for tips, info, and travel antics delivered once a month to your inbox. Dozens of exploratory voyages around the world began from Lisbon, so it feels right that travellers the world over should want to visit here and see where it all began. It looks like a beautiful city to go though. I love trying desserts and things in new countries, usually more than at home! not stay in entire house Airbnbs that may have previously been available for locals but are now used for this) support local businesses and try to use public transport in off-peak hours to not disrupt locals lives so much. (. Will definitely try the custard tarts and the chorizo Thanks for your sharing these tips! Discover the secretive history of the Knights Templar in Portugal on a small-group tour from Lisbon to the towns of Constancia and Tomar. Great tips! In downtown Lisbon along the Avenida da Liberdade it’s all flat, but venture slightly outwards in any direction and you’re met with steeply sloping hills. Whatever it is, it’s usually very flavoursome and makes a great accompaniment for bread and cheese. Hope you have a great trip . It is definitely full of charm. For something quieter but within easy distance by pubic transport of attractions look at Lapa and Madragoa. The history of Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, revolves around its strategic geographical position at the mouth of the Tagus, the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula.Its spacious and sheltered natural harbour made the city historically an important seaport for … Awesome guide of Lisbon. Thanks very much :). I hope you have an amazing trip, I’d love to go back! If you’re wondering what food not to miss in Lisbon or even Portugal, then this is it. We are here now and we love it! Located Lisbon City Center, a couple of steps away from the main points of interest of the city, Portugal Boutique Hotel offers its guests the possibility to indulge in Lisbon lifestyle, experiencing closely Rossio, Chiado, Alfama, Av. We went to Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau on the main street in central Lisbon, where the traditional codfish cake is stuffed with delicious cheese and served with a side of white port wine. I feel like I only scratched the surface.

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