new zealand earthquake 2010

[3], Several thousand residents sustained lesser injuries for which they sought medical help. Focusing on ‘low risk areas during the immediate response period’, they ‘cleared over 65,000 tons of liquefaction’. Iglesia de Hororata en Christchurch, con su torre derrumbada. Even as people adjusted psychologically to the ongoing aftershocks, their practical consequences turned many lives upside down. El terremoto de Christchurch de 2010 (también conocido como terremoto de Canterbury y terremoto de Darfield) fue un terremoto de 7,1 grados de magnitud, [1] [2] que azotó la Isla Sur de Nueva Zelanda a las 4:35 de la mañana del 4 de septiembre de 2010, hora local (16:35 UTC 3 de septiembre). It was relatively shallow – around 10 km deep – and produced the strongest earthquake ground-shaking ever recorded in New Zealand. El ejército de Nueva Zelanda fue desplegado en las zonas más afectadas, en Canterbury.[5]​. They posed a risk, with another little aftershock or with a bit of high wind. Geonet, the country’s geological hazard monitoring system, received thousands of ‘felt reports’. This page was last changed on 23 January 2020, at 18:34. The Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010 was a New Zealand statute designed to assist reconstruction after the 2010 Canterbury earthquake. Still, many thousands of people faced a massive clean-up, the rebuilding of their homes and businesses, and a lengthy process of physical and psychological recovery - while being jolted by aftershocks, and living in fear of another large earthquake. We did about 185 chimneys, we either made secure or we took down, so most of them had to be taken down, well probably a 50-50 split to be perfectly honest. The 2010 earthquake was centred about 80–90 km to the southeast of the plate boundary through the island, probably on one of a network of smaller faults linked to the main faults that mark the plate boundary itself. [6]​, El Centro Nacional de Gestión de Crisis, con base en Wellington, fue activada, y la Defensa Civil declaró el estado de emergencia en Christchurch, el distrito de Selwyn, y el distrito de Waimakariri,[11]​ mientras que, por su parte, los distritos de Selwyn y Waimakariri y la ciudad de Timaru activaron sus centros de operaciones de emergencia. Johnston and K.P. Marc Buckley, Lyttelton’s Chief Fire Officer, described how the members of the volunteer fire brigade became the ‘go-to people’ in their community, and the kinds of damage they encountered: Once daylight came we started I suppose, for want of a better word, just floating around the streets, we sent the 2 trucks out and the van. It shook Cantabrians, their properties, their land and their lives. The littlest sound makes me jump at night although I am still a little jumpy during the day. As aftershock upon aftershock hit the region, beginning with a 5.6-magnitude shake at 4.56 a.m., families and flatmates comforted each other and began to venture out to check on their neighbours. [1]. Read more on Te Ara. The coroner’s final finding was death by natural causes (sudden cardiac death), with the earthquake – a ‘high stress situation’ – a contributing factor. It makes extensive use of contributions to QuakeStories, a website established by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage in 2011.

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