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Micarelli spoke with Las Vegas Magazine’s Matt Kelemen about blending classical music and classic rock, and the practice of practicing. I was so impressed. Then are people that I met in that string section who now I see all the time. I’m finishing up an album that I think should come out later this year, I’m hoping. We will continue to update information on Lucia Micarelli’s parents. She subsequently toured with Jethro Tull and Chris Botti before being cast in the HBO series Treme, which led to her absorbing an eclectic range of musical styles. With several more announcements in the coming weeks, today we are pleased to announce new talent joining the Hallmark family, including: HALLMARK MOVIES & MYSTERIES HOLIDAY EVENT, MIRACLES OF CHRISTMAS -- Kicking off Friday, October 23, “Miracles of Christmas” will feature 17 all-new original movies, including: “The Christmas Bow” starring Lucia Micarelli and Michael Rady, Ask Lucia Micarelli about her knack for eclectic programming and the soft-spoken, classically trained violinist offers a characteristically modest response. Obviously, that part of my brain isn’t going to change entirely, since that’s how I grew up. I was ok with the lower strings, but not violins. It was a real interesting experience. “I put all of my heart and soul into classical when I was a child. Then while I was on the road with them, literally the last week that I was on that tour I’m in the back of the tour bus and my cellphone rings and it’s Josh Groban. By the age of three, Lucia was heavily immersed in the arts, diligently practicing dance, piano, and violin. It’s all about connecting with other people and being reactive to them. He was adamant about playing chamber music. I love that feeling of being part of a creative community and having a support group to go to when you’re like, How do I deal with this? When the family gets together, they fix meals together and while food is cooking they’re playing music. When there’s a funeral, they gather in a second-line to play music to honor the dead. This makes me feel so sad" with a big gesture of her bow  in the direction the chairs had gone. “Steve pushed me to write a song. I guess I was a dramatic child. “I got to play with him, which was awesome,” she said. Now, I seek out situations like that so I can learn from people all the time. more applause. The lissome brunette cuts a cool silhouette in bare feet with a long black dress, often while performing with one foot flat on the stage while the other foot is arched upward balanced on her big toe, looking as if she might take off at any moment. I don’t recall that I ever brought that [eclectic side] into class or that we ever really talked about it. Micarelli didn’t even listen to nonclassical music until she left Juilliard to attend the Manhattan School of Music. HEADLINING FALL TOUR INCLUDES NYC’S SOCIETY FOR ETHICAL CULTURE NOVEMBER 10. That’s exciting. I was pretty much in the practice room working on my concertos. I’d never heard of zydeco. 100 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS 2020 BEGINS ON HALLMARK, CROWN MEDIA FAMILY NETWORKS ANNOUNCES ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING SLATE FOR HALLMARK CHANNEL AND HALLMARK MOVIES & MYSTERIES, NEW CASTING, MOVIES, AND SERIES RENEWALS HEADLINE AN ALL-STAR SLATE, HALLMARK DRAMA, HALLMARK PUBLISHING, HALLMARK MOVIES NOW SEE EXPONENTIAL GROWTH; BUBBLY SESH PODCAST RETURNS FOR SEASON TWO. David cast me as a street musician. Sonata For Violin And Cello, Second Movement, 6. But playing live, and with a program that isn’t a rigidly structured classical program, I get to know my audience and to talk to people. I haven’t always had that experience in my professional life and it feels like that New Orleans thing, getting together with my loved ones and celebrating and sharing. Micarelli also performs “This City,” a song composed by Steve Earle, the Texas singer-songwriter Micarelli co-starred with on “Treme,” the HBO series set in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. It was David Simon, one of the creators of Treme, who not only gave Micarelli the chance to play music outside her comfort zone, but also coaxed her into singing, where she discovered she could. Thies's nimble fingers and Micarelli's leaps displayed how classical music can be a contact sport. By the age of three, Lucia was heavily immersed in the arts, diligently practicing dance, piano, and violin. During a visit, to which she had brought her violin, they discovered he could sing all the words and melody of songs she played. Micarelli possesses an edgy mezzo with authentic, rounded tones. Required fields are marked *. A Danish folk song “Old Reinlender” revved things up, Freebairn-Smith and Walker going col legno (striking their strings with the side of their bows), lifting the peppy tune while Hammond and Micarelli launched into a fevered duet.

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