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Seeing the video immediately reminded me of Spike Lee’s magnum opus, “Do the Right Thing,” a film that, 31 years later, remains as pertinent as ever. The BlacKkKlansman director revived the rings from his 1989 film. Lee also earned his first-ever Best Director nomination for BlacKkKlansman. The Observer is a student-run, daily print & online newspaper serving Notre Dame, Saint Mary's & Holy Cross. Like what you see? LOVE/HATE knuckle Midi two finger ring set Dimension: Different ring size is available. The BlacKkKlansman director, 61, showed off two large knuckle rings — one emblazoned with “LOVE” and the other with “HATE” — as he walked the red carpet at the 2019 Oscars. Mookie and Sal, standing in the ruins of the pizzeria the following morning, reflect the images of what many have been experiencing in their own neighborhoods, with no solution to the events from the previous night found and the divisions within their community (and society at large) remaining. Phone: (574) 631-7471 / Fax: (574) 631-6927 / Address: The Observer / P.O. Throughout the film, the volume of Raheem’s boombox (and his refusal to turn it down) puts him at odds with numerous residents of the neighborhood, including —eventually — Sal. In the scene, Radio Raheem, played by the late Bill Nunn, tells Lee’s character Mookie about the fight between love and hate, with his knuckle rings as the two sides caught in a boxing match for humanity. 2. When Sal refuses to add, at the request of the excitable local, Buggin’ Out, pictures of African-American heroes to his Italian-American “Wall of Fame,” it triggers a chain of events that destroys the lives of everyone in Bed-Stuy. Love is coming back, yes, it’s Love. Taking place over the course of a day in the diverse Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, the film’s conflict revolves around the various ethnic groups that live there and the racial tensions that exist between them. He finished off the look with gold Air Jordan sneakers by Tinker Hatfield, commissioned by Michael Jordan. To see this product, you have to login. Please choose the TEXT color from the Variations. is not one of our partner. The rings are a bit of movie history — they were important props during an iconic moment in Lee’s 1989 film Do the Right Thing. Buggin' Out believes a pizzeria in a black neighborhood should showcase black actors, but Sal disagrees. Salvatore "Sal" Fragione is the Italian owner of a pizzeria in Brooklyn. They can’t be messing with the Jordans I’m going to be wearing. Learn about us. Two main characters of Riverdale will stop the show! I’m going to be sharp as a razor.”, RELATED VIDEO:The Class of 2019! “The story of life is this,” Radio says in the scene. Left Hand Hate is kicking much ass and it looks like Right Hand Love is finished. Mookie (played by Lee), is the central protagonist, a pizza delivery man for Sal’s Pizzeria, a local joint owned by an Italian-American (Sal) and his two sons. A neighborhood local, Buggin' Out, becomes upset when he sees that the pizzeria's Wall of Fame exhibits only Italian actors. Stop the presses! Do the Right Thing (1989) Salvatore "Sal" Fragione is the Italian owner of a pizzeria in Brooklyn. In one of our first encounters with Raheem, he delivers a touching monologue to Mookie about the “love” and “hate” rings he wears on his hands, explaining the constant conflict that exists between the two forces and the idea that they ultimately go hand in hand (in regards to the fight against racial inequality). “Do the Right Thing” captures the nuance and complications of race relations in a way few other films before or after have been able to. Introducing ... PEOPLE's Products Worth the Hype. The wall becomes a symbol of racism and hate to Buggin' Out and to other people in the neighborhood, and tensions rise. Not to be confused with Steve Carell — that’s a different 40-year-old — Radha... To uncover the truth and report it accurately. Sal responds by spewing racial expletives at Raheem and destroying his precious boombox, resulting in the two characters getting into a fight that ultimately ends in the street. Contribute Find cult movie locations thanks to Google! Spike Lee does a meticulous job of capturing the sights and sounds of the Brooklyn neighborhood through his set design, making tensions feel palpable with each shot on screen. “One hand is always fighting the other. You need to be connected to add a product to your wishlist, You need to be connected to follow %mediaTitle%. I’m going to be as clean as the board of health. 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