how to play happy families with 3 players

This Player Series model is equipped with an … Of course, you can always upgrade the strings (DR Neons are cool! Get any venue thumping with the thunderous tone of a P Bass. This MiM Fender P bass is perfect for beginners, or mid-level players on a budget. The P-bass is still one of the best-selling electric bass guitars.. About the Fender Precision Bass. The history of bass guitars is the history of Fender basses. The Player has a very good sound for most types of rock. Fender Player Precision Electric Bass, Maple Fingerboard. ), bridge, pickups, and tuners when experience and budget allows; replacing the pick guard is cheap and easy enough to add a custom touch, too. When Fender first launched the “P-Bass” in 1951 (The Precision Bass) they introduced the world’s first 4-string instrument wich such a low-frequency sound. Maybe not the best P-bass ever for fat vintage Motown-style soul but still better than anything that isn't a P-bass. But melding the classic offset shape to the P&J pickup configuration is, and if any manufacturer can do it with style and sound, it’s Fender. There's nothing wrong with the Player pickup and it's actually closer to a classic P-bass sound than the V-mod in the American Pro series IMO. Any Precision is comfortable to play, but the new Fender P feels better than ever, particularly the neck, which is an accurate copy of an original from ’63.

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