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reserved.PMC Entertainment. The Great North • In Gracepoint, the character is described as a Gracepoint native who knew Beth from school, and who has harbored a secret crush on her ever since. (Episode 1) Carver knows something in the boy’s story isn’t right, but after he dials Ellie and she ignores his call, we’re left to wonder whether he pursues it further or walks away with at least some sense of justice found. It was announced in August 2013 at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour that American television network Fox would develop an American version of Broadchurch, a critically acclaimed British series that had successful broadcasts in both the UK on ITV and the U.S. on BBC America. In Gracepoint Joe is also the killer. In Gracepoint Joe is also the killer. * Surprise! The Gifted • Beverly Hills, 90210 • Why does this have ten episodes when Broadchurch only had eight? We find out that Joe (Josh Hamilton) is in possession of Danny’s missing cell phone, meaning that he’s the killer. Ellie Miller so far below the surface she may never take a true, clear breath again…. The Orville • Danny tried to break it off and Joe chases him, Joe claims to Detective Carver that Danny died after tripping and hitting his head on a rock. Aside from the change of setting from the UK to the US, and some attendant name changes of characters, the series follows the basic plot of Broadchurch fairly closely with some scenes playing virtually the same as in the British original. So You Think You Can Dance • All rights In other words, the Gracepoint finale is as brutal as you’d expect — maybe even moreso — making real the awful, overarching specter of pedophilia that lurked in the shadows all season; making true the creepy phone-company clairvoyant’s prediction that Danny Solano’s killer was someone close to him; and making a mess of the audience’s emotions with a final-act twist that doubled down on Ellie’s grief. At the station, he admits he struck up a friendship with Danny when the boy’s father hit him for quitting his soccer team — but he clearly doesn’t see himself as the predator in the equation as they “got to know each other” spending afternoons alone. The way Episode 10 spirals down, down, down like an eddy in a cold, dark river — dragging kind-eyed Det. 2 that she’s done “good work on the case.” And with that, he sets off to find at what address Danny’s second cellphone had been activated. * Gracepoint reworks the character of Reverend Paul Coates. * Finally, Broadchurch has two additional seasons. ), But oh, man. Hell's Kitchen • Enter the world of Gracepoint now with Episode 1. WHO KILLED DANNY SOLANO? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments! In Broadchurch, Danny had been seen arguing with a local postal worker, a lead which is never further addressed in that series. * Now, it’s Carver’s turn to break the news to Ellie — a moment of devastating drama that (it has to be said) proves Anna Gunn is much more than her Breaking Bad breakout role. Lethal Weapon • Was Supernatural Pastor Too…. Gracepoint Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Resident • Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! In Broadchurch he is a relatively recent arrival in town who is friends with Beth Latimer. Family Guy • What did you think of Gracepoint? When a young boy is found dead on an idyllic beach, a major police investigation gets underway in the small California seaside town where the tragedy occurred. • Last Man Standing. Did the Joe-Tom twist sit right with you? | Lucifer • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. Glee • They don’t though, really, do they?). * The other major change is the resolution of Danny's death. She freezes in disbelief, vomits when the realization hits, shivers in the hope that somehow it’s all not true, and finally goes to confront the monster with whom she’s shared a home (and a bed) throughout the investigation. | * We also get a nearly silent moment where Ellie stands outside Danny’s house — and Beth comes out to tearfully face her former friend, the wife of the man who killed her child. There was never going to be a happy ending to Gracepoint, Fox’s remake of British crime drama Broadchurch. The Conners Boss Shares Katey Sagal's Season 3 Plea to Producers, Station 19 Boss Teases a Tough Time Ahead for Dean and Vic in Season 4 — But a Good One for Maya and…, President Trump Sets Another Town Hall Next Week on Sinclair…, Is Bachelorette Bait-and-Switching Us? In Gracepoint, Danny was seen having a friendly discussion with a backpacker and is later found to have the backpacker's phone number in his possession. December 11 2014, 7:11 PM PST. And she’ll attend his surgery. “I never touched him,” he swears. Bless the Harts • Did you like the finale? At the beginning of this episode it seems that Gracepoint has led us to the exact same place as Broadchurch, with Ellie’s husband, Joe Miller, the killer. Manhunt For A Suspect At Paramount Studios, Pandemic Shifts the Map During College Football's Roller Coaster…, 'Lovecraft Country' Finale Review: Season 1 Is Beautiful…, 'Demon Slayer' Kills With $44 Million Japan Box Office Weekend, Celebrate this Holiday Season Safely with the Best Christmas…, Copyright © 2020 TVLine Media, LLC. Created by Chris Chibnall. Welcome to the Gracepoint Wiki, a site dedicated to providing up-to-date and comprehensive information about the new FOX series, Gracepoint! (Later, a brief memorial service features some empty platitudes from Rev. After this, Joe decided to cover up the killing, to protect his son. However, it is later revealed, in flashback, that something else happened. The X-Files • Emmett Carver is the lead investigator on a case of a shocking murder that puts a town under scrutiny. How does closely does this follow Broadchurch? When Fox became interested in making an American version of the show they allowed the producers to make it ten episodes long. As in Broadchurch, Joe and Danny had been having a secret rendezvous. However, in this version Danny was found bludgeoned to death. When he puts the power in her hands — asks her what she wants him to do — she makes the decision to protect her child and let her husband rot, no matter the psychological consequences. The search for the backpacker forms an important part of the investigation in the middle part of the season. James Strong, … The second season deals with the murderers trial as well as the reopening of the bungled case which brought David Tennant's character to Broadchurch. As in Broadchurch, Joe and Danny had been having a secret rendezvous. “How could you not know?” she asks flatly — and it harkens back to the exact question Ellie posed to town pariah Susan Wright about her late husband’s abuse of their little girls. He is an outsider who must work with local detective Ellie Miller to find the culprit. So the producers cut two episodes worth of material and made an eight episode series. And did you see any of it coming? “You were going to,” Ellie spits, imploding her husband’s delusions of innocence. Production began in January 2014 for a spot in Fox's 2014 fall season. Edit. The American adaptation was retitled as Gracepoint. Despite Carver’s warnings, Ellie violently assaults her husband — slapping him repeatedly, hurling him to the ground, kicking at his torso — and like it or not, it’s cathartic to watch. “Every single bit of it stays between us,” Ellie declares, and it’s as close to a happy moment as we get in the hour. Joe Miller was Ellie Miller 's husband and Tom Miller 's father. User Reviews

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