gallienus antoninianus

The antoninianus, or pre-reform radiate,[1] was a coin used during the Roman Empire thought to have been valued at 2 denarii. LEG I MIN VI P VI F, Minerva standing and historically significant coinage. Gallienus, Antoninianus, 258, Joint Reign, Mediolanum, Legionary Series, Cohortes Praetoriae GALLIENVS AVG Radiate, cuirassed bust right COHH PRAET VI P VI F Lion, radiate, walking right 19mm x 24mm, 2.29g RIC V, Part I, 370 (S) Note: The Cohortes Praetoriae formed the bodyguard of the commanders. The coin was introduced by Caracalla in early 215 AD. 1999, Van Meter, David, "The Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins", Laurion Press, 2000, Click In 258 CE a Germanic tribe, the Alemanni, gathered and threatened to invade Italy only to fall to Gallienus at Mediolanum (Milan). In 260, following the defeats of the revolts, AD 258-259. Joint Reign. Legion XXX - Ulpia Victrix Gallienus Bi Antoninianus. Star in upper left field. Aureolus in 268: For more information on the subject Weight: 3.42g. This is "cc79389 Gallienus Antoninianus" by Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. LEG V MAC VII P VII F, Victoria standing with eagle at feet P. Licinius Egnatius Gallienus succeeded his father Valerian when the latter was taken prisoner by the Persians in 260. Add to basket. Antoniniani invoking the protection of various gods and goddesses against the revolt of LEG XXX VLP VI P VI F, Neptune standing Progress stopped and command was turned over to Aureolus. Ancient Roman Gallienus Silver Antoninianus, UNC! conspiracy and may very well have murdered Gallienus himself. LEG I ITAL VII P VII F, hippocampus LEG VIII AVG V P V F, bull walking Delivery: 7 - … … LEG IIII FL VI P VI F, lion running LEG I ITAL VI P VI F, boar running In 271 AD Aurelian increased the average weight of the antoninianus, this change lasting for only a short time. Please note that as well as selling we are also keen to purchase new material to replenish our stock, be it a single item, accumulations or whole collections. Gallienus ruled an empire that was disintegrating under pressures from foreign invaders. LEG V MAC VI P VI F, Victoria standing with eagle at feet Reverse: APOLINI CONSERVA, Apollo standing left holding laurel branch and resting on lyre. The true meaning of this series of numbers is still a topic of debate, but is thought to represent a 20:1 silver ratio (4.76% silver, which may originally have been 5%, if worn-away silver enrichment on the surface is allowed for). assassinated. Augustus. LEG VII CL VII P VII F, bull walking LEG XXX VLP VII P VII F, Neptune standing. Slight uneven surfaces to bust otherwise good metal and detail. disallowing senatorial command posts in the army. LEG II ITAL VI P VI F, she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus invasion was so effective, the armies were within sight of Italy before being turned back. Historians record that at the very least Claudius II was part of the Ancient Rome Gallienus Antoninianus with Victory 235AD to 268AD. Reverse: Gallienus, in military dress, standing right, holding transverse spear and vertical standard. Related products. Gallienus, Roman emperor jointly with his father, Valerian, from 253 until 260, then sole emperor to 268. LEG VII CL VI P VI F, bull walking Something went wrong. Modern numismatists use "antoninianus" because it is not known what it was called in antiquity. LEG VII CL VII P VII F, lion running Victory V was against the Alemanni, VI was Roman; GALLIENUS 253-68 AD Silver ANTONINIANUS. LEG II PART VI P VI F, centaur walking and holding globe and club Legion I - Italica It was not until the reign of Aurelianseveral years later that the breakaway provinces were truly brought back into the Ro… Roman Empire, Gallienus (260-268 AD), AR Antoninianus. Item Description. AR. massacre Gallienus' family and associates in Rome in spite for Gallienus' policy of Within a couple of weeks of his arrival at Milan, Gallienus left Legion III - Italica LEG XIIII GEM VI P VI F, capricorn Aureolus seizes the opportunity for yet another revolt. Palmyra would formally secede after Odaenathus' death and the ascension of his widow Zenobia. Each legion LEG II CL ADI VI P VI F, capricorn Size: 22mm £ 85.00. One coin type was issued for each of the three This is an antoninianus with Roman emperor Gallienus. LEG III ITAL VI P VI F, stork walking COHH PRAET VII P VII F, radiate lion walking LEG IIII FL VII P VII F, lion running Gallienus and Claudius II defeated the invaders at Naissus. Radiant Bust/Liberalitas, Gallienus AR Antoninianus "VIRT GALLIENI AVG Treading Down Enemy" Lyons VF, Gallienus Silver AR Antoninianus "DEO MARTI Mars in Temple" RIC 10 VF, Gallienus (A.D. 253-268) Silver Antoninanus Ancient Rome Silver Coin, Fleetwood Ancient Coins Of Rome 253-268 CE Silver Antoninian Emperor Gallienus, Gallienus AR Antoninianus "ORIENS AVGG Tyche & Emperor" Samosata MIR 1698b EF. This is an antoninianus with Roman emperor Gallienus. Each new issue of the antoninianus thus had less silver in it than the last, and thus contributed to ever-increasing inflation.

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