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Series Top 100 News Premium Forum. Leaving Sully in charge of the children. Dr. Mike and the reverend are skeptical when a so-called religious healer comes to town. Dr. Quinn is called away to a Flu epidemic in another town. While out on a walk with Sully, Brian climbs a tree to show he could fly like the eagle in Sully's story but falls and hits his head. Michaela Quinn, a female doctor in post-Civil War Boston, Massachusetts, finds more than she bargained for when she answers an ad for a doctor in a small town in the Colorado territory. Episode Ep. And otherwise the community of 286.000 members can assist you. Dorothy thinks she's pregnant, but Dr. Mike's exam reveals there are other problems going on. The railroad hires men to kill off all the buffalo, which the Cheyenne need to survive, and Sully gets hurt when he tries to stop the men. For instance new episodes or start of a new season. Hank accuses Grace of trying to poison him with her cooking. Loren, the unforgiving father-in-law, threatens to take back Sully's homestead. Mike is forced to rethink her relationship with Sully after a visit from his ex wife's ghost. WATCH Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman ONLINE Frontier medicine with a feminist slant (but plenty of family values) in a Western drama that follows a female doctor, Michaela `Mike' Quinn, after her move from Boston to the Colorado Territory in the late 1860s. When the town's water supply is tainted with mercury by a wealthy mining baron, many people become sick and Dr. Mike threatens the miner to clean it up or have his land taken away. Don't miss any episodes, set your DVR to record Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman This family Western show centers on the adventures of Michaela Quinn, a doctor who lives in the post-Civil War frontier town of Colorado Springs. Colleen and Becky squabble over a boy, while Dr. Mike suspects something fishy going on between Sully and Dorothy. We have all the information about your favorite TV series. But when there is an explosion at the railway, the military puts a bounty out for Sully. Season 1. At first every thing seems fine and the town gets ready to build a school house. But when there is an explosion at the railway, the military puts a bounty out for Sully. While hunting, Jake accidentally kills the Cheyenne brave Little Eagle and Sully tries to keep the peace between the Cheyenne and the town. Michaela attempts to try her hand at cooking but is unsuccessful. Pilot. He ends up dead, and she is tried for his murder. Quinn, Medicine Woman. People in the town were dying and Dr. Mike wanted to quarantine people who are sick in Charlotte's boarding house. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman season 6 episode guide on TV.com. Dr. Mike takes the boy in while they try to determine who he is and if he has any family. She decides to write a letter to Sully and goes into the mountains in hopes that he will find her. Everything seen from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? Brian comes down with the influenza and Colleen... Dr Mike's upper-class mother visits from Boston, disapproving of her daughter's choices, acquainting herself with her daughter's new family. Episode Ep. Sully is shot, leaving Colleen to treat him. When Doc Eli, a medicine-show man, arrives in town professing to have created the perfect bottled elixir, Mike sets out to call his bluff, especially when her children's health becomes jeopardized. Dr. Quinn is called away to a Flu epidemic in another town. Dr. Mike has an "A Christmas Carol" style dream, where she wonders what her life would have been like if she had not become a doctor. Brian is really excited about it and goes to help Loren but loses his sight. Dr. Quinn's mother in Boston is ill. Dr. Quinn takes the children to Boston. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that You're blocking our ads. A wandering cowboy abandons his baby boy and leaves him in Dr. Mike's care. She brings with her a sick cowboy who had contracted influenza but everyone is unaware of the exact nature of his illness. Miss Olive arrives back in town and believes that she should be the one looking after Matthew, Colleen and Brian. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was a show that focused on Dr. Mike, a woman doctor in a time when that was unheard of. Quinn, Medicine Woman', 7 fascinating facts about Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, R.I.P. Seeking adventure in the Old American West, Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn (Jane Seymour) leaves Boston to set up a medical practice in the Frontier town of Colorado Springs. Here you will find all the episodes of the seriesDr. The townspeople fight over water. Orson Bean, star of Dr. Quinn, Twilight Zone, and voice of The Hobbit, Laura McNally, Litigation Partner at Loeb & Loeb, Sarah Spain, ESPN Radio Host, espnW Columnist, Brenda Robinson, Entertainment Attorney & Film Financier, Do Not Sell My Information - CA Residents, MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY AT 5 AM & 6 AM CENTRAL. StartTV is now available nationwide on DISH Network. Loren's sister-in-law Dorothy comes to town to flee her abusive husband. supports HTML5 video, Jane Seymour Recalls Working With Johnny and June Cash on 'Dr. After the cowboy dies and his child becomes ill with the same thing Dr. Mike discovers that it is influenza. But when there is an explosion at the railway, the military puts a bounty out for Sully. Because without Ads and/or Premium MySeries can not exist. Leaving Sully in charge of the children. Watch all 23 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman episodes from season 6,view pictures, get episode information and more. When a starving orphaned immigrant takes desperate measures to feed his siblings, the only thing standing between him and a noose is Kid Cole, the new sheriff. There must be one among the more than 15.400 series. Choose per series where you want be kept informed of. Dr Mike is evicted from her makeshift clinic by the bank. Leaving Sully in charge of the children. Signup Login ... Everything seen from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? My Series. Lewis finally gets the letter to Sully by giving it to Dr. Mike who reads it first and informs Sully of what was going on. Dr. Mike refuses to leave his bed side and when they finally get word that the specialist is coming they find ... A woman dies and they find a hidden boy at her house. Colleen believes that she loves Sully and that he returns her feelings when he saves her from a runaway wagon. When Cheyenne medicine man Cloud Dancing is wounded by General Custer, who intends to hang him, Sully and Dr. Mike join forces to help him escape. Here you fint both the broadcast episodes as the next episodes. The upcoming Sweetheart Dance causes trouble between Sully and Dr. Mike. 01. Dr. Quinn has met a very nice doctor in Boston and is conflicted about staying. She and her friends had been reading romance stories in a weekly publication and in one of them the woman is captured but writes a letter to her love, and he saves her. A famous civil war photographer realizes he may be taking his last picture after Dr. Mike discovers that he is going blind. Click Where to Watch for channel positions. 1 January 1993 1 Jan 1993. Loren rushes him to Dr. Mike. Snowbird gives Dr. Mike a horse she wants to enter in the Territory Stakes horse race, but she must disguise herself as a man to qualify. Select all. Dr. Quinn is called away to a Flu epidemic in another town. Michaela worries when Charlotte's husband, Ethan Cooper, comes back to the family he abandoned, convincing almost everyone of his newfound ways. Although she is certain of what it is she does not know how to fix it. Sully teaches her what to do to fool the race officials and helps her with strategies for the race. There is a drought and no food for the town's Thanksgiving dinner. Check out episodes of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman by season. As Dr. Mike's birthday approaches, the kids decide to do something about her unmarried status. Matthew and Michaela are at odds over his future when he sets out to prove to others -- and to himself -- that he's a grown man ready to take on life -- and decides to marry Ingrid. From the latest news or reviews till a list of the episodes. She wires for a doctor in Boston to advise as to nearest specialist. If you don't want our ads please become a Premium user. Looking for new series? Robert E suffers burns.

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