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We find out that Mrs. Otterbourne has been drinking and that Rosalie Otterbourne has been trying to stop her. In chapter 17 Hercule Poirot and Colonel Race interrogate Roasile Otterbourne, Signor Richetti, Mr. Ferguson and Mrs. Otterbourne chipped in a little bit. Then there is a activity on the boat so Hercule Poirot and Colonel Race wait for someone to come. Then, Simon apologizes for spilling everything out and Jackie pulls out a pistol and shoots herself. Linnet and Simon also set off to go to the Philae when Jackie tries to follow them and then they pull of to the side and get away from her. Cornelia Robson is a  big clumsy looking girl with brown dog like eyes as the describe her in the book. Add new page. Then, Hercule Poirot talks to Rosalie about the night that she was seen by Miss Van Schuyler tossing something into the Nile. She thinks she is known by many people and she thinks she's popular but really she's known by nobody. Mr. Ferguson is another person attending the trip on the Nile. Match. In chapter 20 Mrs. Allerton and Tim Allerton talk about why Mrs. Allerton likes and feels bad for Jackie and Tim sees her as the murderer and the one who shot Simon Doyle. Signor Richetti is a criminal that escaped from prison and we don't know this until the end of the book because he pretends to be a famous archaeologist. Write. Gravity. In chapter 15 Hercule Poirot and Colonel Race try to figure out where the pistol has went. is a friend of Poirot's and fellow detective. Death on the Nile characters. Poirot gets very curious about Jackie and what she will do. He thinks that it was all of Mrs. Otterbourne's alcoholic beverages. So another not so brilliant idea is to hide the pistol. Linnet really wants to go to Egypt on a cruise but her mother doesn't want her to go so far away to an exotic place. Colonel Race and Hercule Poirot are now trying to piece everything together. Jackie got taken up to her room, while Simon quickley ran up to Linnet's room and shot her in the ear and took red nail polish and wrote a J on the wall. Linnet also asks Hercule Poirot if he can act for her and help her against Jackie. Jackie and Simon are still married, they just wanted to get Linnet's money and be with each other. Joanna Southwood. Also guess who made the fake pearls? He does not dress nicely, and he does not like most people. But before he went to sleep he heard the splash too and stayed in his room the whole time. melinacolada. Then they decide next to interrogate Louise, the maid. Andrew Pennington gets really mad. Rosalie is acting weird. Created by. In chapter 12 Linnet gets drunk and decides to get revenge on Simon Doyle by shooting him. She is a jewel thief working with Tim Allerton. Register Start a Wiki. He and Joanna Southwood are second cousins and they are in touch frequently. Rosalie Otterbourne is the daughter of Mrs. Salome Otterbourne. So they detect that the best idea is to throw the pistol into the Nile. In chapter 4 Linnet talks to Hercule Poirot on the boat about Jackie and that she threatened to kill both of them. Mr. Ferguson hates Linnet and he said this about Linnet "Linnet is a parasite.". At the end of the book we find out that Tim had stolen Linnet's pearls, but did not kill her. Hercule Poirot calls Colonel Race a tall bronzed man. She calls Poirot a short and funny man. Working-class friend of Linnet. One of the people that they interrogates is Dr. Bessner. Joanna is one of Linnet's friends. Hercule Poirot asks Rosalie about what he thinks that she threw in to the Nile. When she was counting her money Jackie stabbed her with Dr. Fleetwood is Linnet's former maid's ex-fiancee. But it felt real to everyone else. Death on the Nile-Characters. Jackie seems fascinated and Hercule Poirot asks Rosalie if she saw anyone and she trembles and says that she saw no one Rosalie is very suspicious. Pennington, suspicious of his intentions. She is also on the cruise on the nile with Ms. Van Schuyler and many others. Mr. Ferguson is just on the cruise for his own enjoyment. Miss Van Schuyler is Cornelia Robson's older cousin. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Kaycoops. Jackie gets mad that she is accusing her of something that she claimes that she didn't do. She saw Simon go in to Linnet's cabin. In chapter 22 Hercule Poirot and Colonel Race try to find the most logical way of finding out who stole Linnet Doyle's pearls. In chapter 24 Jackie comes to see Simon and asks if he will die or not and then gets all worried like he will die. He is very hesitant to tell his mother Mrs. Allerton because he thinks that she will be furious with him and be ashamed of him. 4,940 Pages. Linnet did not earn the money. While on vacation on the Nile, Hercule Poirot must investigate the murder of a young heiress. Jacqueline de Bellefort is Linnet's best friend before Linnet stole her fiance. He said "No". He wants to be nosy and get different perspectives of everyone on the boat. Mrs. Otterbourne said that she was in her room the whole time and she suggested that Simon Doyle might have done it to inherit Linnet's money. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. Then Hercule Poirot joins in and he talks with them about Joanna Southwood and how Jackie felt bad for her. Colonel Race and Hercule Poirot did not know this until they heard about the telegram that was code word for guns and other weapons. Agatha Christie Wiki. Jackie calls Linnet and asks if she can come and visit her. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Hercule Poirot is trying to get the real story. In chapter 21 Mrs. Bowers turns in Linnet's pearls. Linnet Ridgeway was a young girl who is 20 years old and lives in England. So when her mother is shot in the head and killed Rosalie is scared and heart. At the end of the book Dr . Mrs. Otterbourne is on the cruise because she wanted to go to Egypt. I want to stick a pistol in her ear and pull the trigger. Mr. Ferguson loves Cornelia and wants to marry her, but she says no, but when Dr. Then she says that she is so very sorry and that she wants to do suicide by jumping in the Nile. Colonel Race said asked Mrs. Bowers if she stole them. Rosalie Otterbourne is on the cruise because her mother is a famous author and Mrs. Otterbourne wants to go to Egypt. Well she thinks she is famous, but shes really not. While Hercule Poirot and Colonel Race were interviewing Louise Bourget she told them that Fleetwood might have killed Linnet because Fleetwood was going to get married to one of Linnet's maids and Linnet did some research and found out that Fleetwood all ready had a wife. In chapter 14 Hercule Poirot and Colonel Race interrogate more people. Dr. Bessner is a doctor that happened to be on the cruise when Simon was shot. He replies "No.". cabin that night and substituted to fake string for them. He has come on this trip down the Nile with his mother Mrs. Allerton. Colonel Race is confused about how she got the second pistol. Miss Van Schuyler said that once she heard the noise that she immediately got up and went to the door of her cabin and opened it up and saw Rosalie Otterbourne on the side of the railing by the water and she had just dropped something in the water. Linnet is a spoiled, mean, millionaire. I definitely think that Louise is lying. Louise replied "I didn't notice the pearls because when I went into Linnet's room I fainted when I saw the sight of her. In chapter 28 Hercule Poirot and Colonel Race try to problem solve and investigate who could of done the murders of Linnet Doyle, Louise Bourget, and Mrs. Otterbourne. STUDY. Linnet Ridgeway has lots of money and everybody adores her because she has so much money. But then someone or at least someone would hear the splash. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? She blackmailed Jackie and Simon for money if she didn't tell anyone. So they are going to get married. They are both agreeable but very annoyed. Simon Doyle is ruined and shall forever be sad. Mrs. Bowers is the one that either stole Linnet's pearls or found them. They go and start checking people's rooms. She orders Cornelia and Miss Bowers around. Death on the Nile is a book of detective fiction by British writer Agatha Christie, first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 1 November 1937 and in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company the following year. He also says that Colonel Race was a man of unadvertised goings and comings. In fact the reason Colonel Race is on the cruise  is to find a criminal that has escaped from prison because he is a police officer and that criminal was Signor Richetti. That made it really awkward for Simon Doyle, Linnet Doyle, and Andrew Pennington. Flashcards. Mrs. Allerton becomes very fond of Poirot. In chapter 2 Linnet and Simon Doyle are walking down the street and then they come to the "tour" on the N. In this chapter on the boat Mrs. Allerton and Mrs. There must be someone else that killed Linnet Doyle.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, So Marie refused to marry Fleetwood. Spell. STUDY. Games Movies TV Video. He stayed in his room when and after he heard the splash. I shall die. So he could have killed Linnet. He has harassed Cornelia Robson for her to marry him but she rejects him every time. She tells Linnet you must have lots of enemy's and she is correct. She said that that person was Andrew Pennington. Mr. Jim Fanthorp was sent on the cruise by his uncle (Mr. Carmichel) who had some suspicions about Mr. Pennington and when Mr. Carmichel got a letter from Linnet that said Simon and her met Pennington on their honeymoon those suspicions became true. But when they decide to check Louise's because she was the first one to go into Linnet's room. In chapter 19 Simon asks for Jackie to talk to. Match. Death on the Nile: Home; Characters; Chapter Summaries; Detective's Notebook; Nonfiction Connections; more..... Linnet Ridgeway. Then Cornelia, Jackie and Hercule Poirot talk about if it was right and how this murderer could of done the murder. He. Miss Van Schuyler knows something. He definitely did something. Fleetwood is one of the engineerson the Karnak and he says he had no reason to kill Linnet, but he does. Gravity. That is why Rosalie is so glum. Cornelia Robson is Ms. Van Schuyler's niece. Test. Miss Van Schuyler says that she was just sleeping, (as she is a very light sleeper) the night of Linnet's death. Spell. He was correct. PLAY. When he talks to them Tim says that he stole Linnet Doyle's pearls. Hercule Poirot is a wise, smart, and thoughtful man, and he also a detective. Then Simon took red nail polish and dyed the handkerchief red so that it looked like blood. The UK edition retailed at seven shillings and sixpence (7/6) and the US edition at $2.00. The one really weird comment that Jackie said is that "I just want to kill Linnet and myself. One really good clue that Colonel Race found is that Fleetwood always wears a handkerchief and they found a handkerchief.

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