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Zoo) in Oklahoma. Oof. Police literally thought their motive was tied to a satanic ritual because the teens listened to metal (does not compute). The film features a unique style, including reenactments, and a non-fiction film noir feel. She served just four years of her 165-year sentence and, upon her release, told her side of the story. Browder spent three (!!) 'Jeopardy' Stunner Leaves Alex Trebek and Fans Speechless: "The Stage Looks Very Lonely". Perhaps unsurprisingly, people kept vanishing, like Garret Rodriguez, who moved to the area to grow and, soon after, was reported missing in April 2013. Jerry was in charge of security for the agency that ran McDonald’s promotion and used a wide network of co-conspirators to rig the game for more than a decade. He wasn’t convicted, but he wasn’t let go, either. Jan Broberg Felt’s multiple kidnappings aren’t disturbing because they happened. While searching for an interesting story, New Zealand journalist Farrier stumbled on a collection of videos that all involved grown men being tickled for a sport called “competitive endurance tickling.” He reached out to the creator of these videos, hoping to file a quirky lifestyle piece. Three young people are out on an electronic tag – and face very different challenges. Felt was only 12 years old the first time and 14 the second time. Although many people didn't realise it was the story of a real man, Jordan Belfort. His ability to shape everything from t. Drinking To Oblivion sees Louis Theroux set about spending some time in the world of extreme drinkers, getting to know people who consume alcohol not just to excess but to the point of total oblivion... Just over 100 years ago a deadly pandemic, known as the Spanish Flu swept across the face of planet Earth, similar enough to Coronavirus (Covid-19) except for the fact it killed anywhere between 20 a... What is it that makes us good or evil? Despite the neighbors lodging several complaints about him and his property, including a foul smell coming from the area, no police intervened until 2009 when they went to arrest him for the assault and rape of a woman named Latundra Billups. If you're looking for a well-made documentary that explores this famous case in-depth, The Central Park Five is perfect for you. Instead, what he stumbled upon was a dark world of conspiracies filled with fetishes, blackmail, and shady financials. Craving something creepy and true? Abducted in Plain Sight is a true crime documentary that will keep you on the edge of your seat. (Police who?) Lastly, two of the most popular genres of true crime include unsolved crimes and cases of the wrongfully accused. The world’s biggest streaming platform has become a go-to destination for true crime documentaries, including one of their most popular docuseries, 2015’s Making a Murderer.There’s no better place to look for true crime documentaries … Two men went missing in a small Icelandic town, but neither their bodies nor real evidence were found. Two elements that must come together to make a great documentary are the documentary style and the genre of the documentary. Watch here: Amazon Louise digs further into a potential new line of enquiry. He was shot at least 10 times, the suspected gunman is Eric Ronald Holder Jr who was 29 years old at the time of the incident. The Painter and the Thief is a refreshing addition to the true crime documentary genre. If you love learning about unsolved murders, bank heists, kidnappings, and controversial cults, watch these true crime Netflix documentaries. Apart of the landscape for over 160 years, The Joy jas become synonymous with the capital city of Dublin, operating 24-hours a day 365 days a year. If you have any interest in the history and impact of true crime documentaries, you should watch The Thin Blue Line. Durst agreed to be interviewed for the documentary, but he’s probably kicking himself in the butt for it. That's where documentaries come in. Could he be rehabilitated? The resulting documentary is a harrowing look into how the safest place for a child, their family, can be used against them. Like the first time, he said he was innocent and was framed by police. This is another example of a documentary’s subject being more unnerving than their accused crimes. From the start, the district attorney was set on arguing that the shooting was in self-defense. Documentaries like The Jinx and The Thin Blue Line make headlines because the documentarian uncovers new evidence that sparks a new trial, with varying outcomes. From the first film to the last, it’s clear why this story galvanized the nation and drew support from unexpected sources. It’s best viewed with a glass of red wine—only the finest stuff, of course. How did Richard Huckle escape detection for years – and could there be even more victims? Vote up the true crime documentaries you've seen and would recommend. All three of these victims can be traced back to New York real estate heir Robert Durst. 850, This story has been shared 701 times. So when a video emerged of an unknown man torturing and killing a kitten, people were immediately outraged. When two teen girls, Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman are raped while unconscious, the people in the towns they live in are more concerned with protecting the boys who abused them instead of getting the girls justice. This 2012 true crime documentary was directed by award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns, his daughter Sarah Burns, and her husband David McMahon. The Shipman Files: A Very British Crime Story. Consider this your guide to the documentaries and docuseries most likely to give you nightmares. So, yeah... these growers are definitely not your chill neighbor growing a little weed in his backyard. A focus on the forensic investigation that exposed Peter Tobin as a serial killer. Yup, Amazon Is Having A Major Sale On Toilet Paper, Watch An Exclusive Clip From ‘Unsolved Mysteries’, Royal Watchers Are Dragging The Queen And William. The film also includes interviews with the parents of the victims, the parents of the accused, the West Memphis Police Department, and the three accused killers. 165. He was arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. Everything about the 2009 Taconic State Parkway crash was bizarre. From the great train robber Robbie Biggs, to Ian Huntley and the Islamic extremist Anjem Choudary, but what happens inside has remained virtually unknown with television cameras having, Chris Benoit was a professional wrestler who murdered his wife and 7-year old son, before taking his own life in a murder-suicide at the family home. Watch Mommy, Dead and Dearest on HBO Go and HBO Max. There is no doubt that true crime documentaries are some of the greatest flicks out there. Berchtold was able to get away with these heinous crimes because he groomed not just Jan but the entire Broberg family. It was basically a lawless land ruled by illegal growers. The film follows two groups. The first is Dr. Jose Mirreles and the Autodefensas, a group of citizens from the Mexican state of Michoacan. The mullet-headed man was obsessed with wild cats and owned thousands of them, which he housed at his private Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park (also referred to as the G.W. There are also other disturbing cases that haven’t gotten that level of attention. But ICYMI, a brief refresh: Avery was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder, but served 18 years in prison before he was released. Anyone who’s too online knows that there’s one cardinal rule of the internet: don’t fuck with cats. In 2001, Bagby was planning on breaking off the relationship as Turner had become extremely possessive of him. He served 15 years in prison and was released in 2005. Cartel Land provides a unique perspective into the Mexican Drug War and sheds light on the underrepresented groups involved. Although reenactments are sometimes seen as too contrived in the documentary world, the film and its unique style were praised by critics and audiences alike, receiving a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and winning a BAFTA award. The local community was strongly religious and politically conservative and, based on the state that the young boys were discovered in, many believed that the murders were part of a satanic ritual. All around, it's thoroughly entertaining and certainly worth a watch. You might need to watch these with the light on…. Browse Documentaries; Documentary List ; Top 100; Best; Contact; Crime. There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane is a heartbreaking and thought-provoking film. The film explores the case, while trying to investigate the overall system that failed to protect Gabriel and other vulnerable children like him. The film centers around the disappearance of 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay who went missing on June 13, 1994, in San Antonio, Texas. Get ready to hear excerpts from over 100 hours of interviews with Bundy from behind bars. One of the most common genres of true crime documentaries concerns murders, including serial killers, crimes of passion, and suicides. Quick true-crime history lesson: In 1982, the wife of New York real estate heir Robert Durst disappeared. Aryelle Siclait is an assistant editor at Women's Health where she writes about relationship trends, sexual health, pop-culture news, food, and physical health for verticals across. About 50% of Americans are for, and agree with there being a death penalty.Capital punishment in the United States is currently used by 28 states, the federal government, and the military. HBO's I Love You, Now Die by Erin Lee Carr, who also directed Mommy Dead and Dearest, tells the story of Michelle Carter, who was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the case of her boyfriend Conrad Roy's suicide.

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