buttercup the princess bride

Clearly thinking he is too smart, Vizzini distracts the man in black, switches the glasses, and they take a drink. To stall, Westley rambles on about how everyone is going to hate the prince when he gets his body cut up. On his way down, he yells out the words Buttercup has been aching for for 5 years. Knowing he's no match for Westley, the evil ruler drops his weapon and backs off into a chair. He then takes some iocane powder, turns his back, and after a bit faces Vizzini once more. Girl has come into her own look-wise, in other words. Buttercup questions the man about why he poisoned his own drink, and the man tells her he has immunity to iocane powder, therefore both the glasses are poisoned. Westley would not argue with her but would only obey her commands and reply "As you wish." As someone who's been praised for her beauty her entire life, Buttercup sometimes has to insist that people treat her like a human being instead of a pretty painting. Ironically, her willingness to say whatever she thinks actually causes more problems when she unwittingly provokes Humperdink into torturing Westley. "Everybody always talks about how beautiful I am. The prince, who has come to rescue Buttercup, appears over the distance with many men. Buttercup has spent nearly her entire life bossing Westley around, but the guy has never seemed to mind. Enraged by her behavior, the prince forces Buttercup to marry him later that night, although the arranged wedding ends early due to Inigo, Westley, and Fezzik's intrusion. Of course I should, considering all those classes in lovemaking I took at Royalty School." But no matter how much she neglects appearance, she can't hide the beauty that lies underneath all that dirt. Or as the author tells us, "The twenty-one-year-old Princess far surpassed the eighteen-year-old mourner" (5.7). Previous Next . At the bottom of the hill, they share a heartfelt kiss. She moves complacently through her days, certain that she will never feel passion for anything or anyone again, but willing to go through the routines and rituals involved in becoming queen. When Westley goes away to find his fortune, his ship is attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts, and the story gets back to Buttercup that her love has been killed by the pirate who never takes prisoners. No, really. Then, with just enough energy, he stands up and points his sword at the prince, pretending he has his strength back. She moves complacently through her days, certain that she will never feel passion for anything or anyone again, but willing to go through the routines and rituals involved in becoming queen. He states that one of the drinks is poisoned with the powder and that Vizzini gets to choose the cup he will drink from. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Buttercup, overcome with worry, rushes over to his support. They run into an infamous swamp where no one has left alive, and after some drama involving a giant rat, they emerge from the swamp. But the only reason she isn't ranked higher is that she doesn't care about her appearance at all. The one thing that Buttercup insists on (as a person) is that Westley not keep any secrets from her. More than just being a tomboy, though, Buttercup practically goes out of her way to neglect her appearance: "She hated to wash her face, she loathed the area behind her ears, she was sick of combing her hair and did so as little as possible" (1.12). For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. These are Buttercup's sentiments exactly.

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