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He bought a ranch in the San Joaquin Valley and stocked it with horses and a dairy herd ‘just to keep my father busy’. Throughout the 50s, he recorded and toured extensively and several times moved his base of operations. In 1933, after differences of opinion and occasional drinking sprees that saw him miss shows, Wills was sacked by O’Daniel. During 1944-45, Wills had US country and pop chart hits with ‘New San Antonio Rose’, ‘We Might As Well Forget It’ and ‘You’re From Texas’. When the Venice Pier Ballroom management hired Bob Wills to replace Cooley, the Oklahoman insisted on a two-night "Battle of the Bands," which pitted the Cooley orchestra against the Texas Playboys. He died 17 months later of pneumonia. Emerging artists such as Roger Miller, Willie Nelson, and Merle Haggard all cited Bob Wills as the primary influence in their country careers. In 1970, he moved to Tulsa and in 1971 underwent surgery for a kidney complaint, but suffered a stroke on the left side a few hours after the operation. (October 16, 2020). We do allow cookies to help our advertising partners give you a better ad experience. He wore blackface to do his comedy routines, which was commonplace for the period. In 1943 Cooley signed a recording contract with Okeh Records. Known as “the king of western swing,” Bob Wills left an indelible mark on country-and-western music across five decades, and has been an influence to numerous modern country artists. Musicians Bob Wills Net Worth Bob Wills Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Relationships, Married, Dating, Family, Wiki Biography Bob Wills (James Robert Wills, March 6, 1905 – May 13, 1975) was an American Western swing musician, songwriter, and big band leader. Other hits by Wills during this time included “Texas Playboy Rag,” “Mexicali Rose,” “Take Me Back to Tulsa,” and “Faded Love,” the latter cowritten with his father. He moved to Waco and formed another band, The Playboys. His fees for performing at dances with his orchestra were said to be enormous, and it was reported by Billboard that he took more money than Harry James and Benny Goodman. They had four children, and Wills had two other kids from his previous marriages… Wills joined the US Army in 1942, during World War II, but was given a medical discharge in 1943. They found regular work playing for dances, at times adding banjoist Frank Barnes, and played on KTAT and KFJZ where the assistant programme director of the latter station, Alton Strickland, would five years later became Wills’ pianist. But, now, the event is back on and everyone is welcome! . He was sentenced to life in prison at Vacaville. The same year, vocalist Thomas Elmer Duncan replaced Milton Brown. Popular film and radio singing cowboy star Gene Autry hosted the radio program Melody Ranch, which featured bandleader Jimmy Wakely. He also had country number 1 hits with such war songs as ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Stars And Stripes At Iwo Jima’, ‘Silver Dew On The Blue Grass Tonight’ and ‘White Cross At Okinawa’. In 1936, Leon McAuliffe first recorded his ‘Steel Guitar Rag’. Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers. In January 1952, he finally sold the Ranch House to a Jack Ruby - a name then unknown outside Dallas, but later internationally known following the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald (in turn, killer of President John F. Kennedy). John Wills was successful as a farmer and by 1921, he had moved to a 600-acre ranch/farm near Oxbow Crossing, which remained their home until 1931. ." Military service: U.S. Army, 1942-43. In 1942, Bob Wills enlisted in the Army, and he received a medical discharge in 1943. Probably no country singer has generated more warmth from a more diverse group of fans than Willie Nelso…, Gilmore, Jimmie Dale The band comprised 12 musicians, namely Bob Wills (fiddle), Tommy Duncan (vocals/piano), Johnnie Lee Wills (tenor banjo), Son Lansford (d. 7 August 1989; bass), Herman Arnspiger (guitar), Sleepy Johnson (guitar), Jesse Ashlock (b. He…, Lonestar In 1946, his ‘New Spanish Two-Step’ topped the country charts for 16 weeks as well as having Top 20 pop success. In 1940 they released New San Antonio Rose, which sold over a million copies and became their signature song. Appeared in several movies, 1940-46. In 1943, after his service discharge, Wills took up residence in Hollywood and began to reassemble the Texas Playboys. According to Bill C. Malone in Country Music U.S.A., Wills was “an influence for change that has seldom been equaled in country music history.”, Wills, who was born in East Texas and moved to West Texas when he was eight, came from a very musical family. He then found work playing for dances on Saturday nights and made his first radio broadcasts on Amarillo’s two radio stations, KGRS and WDAG. The family owned a cotton farm, but Wills’ father was a renowned violinist, also known as a fiddle player. Wills recorded over 550 records in his lifetime, and numerous collections of his recordings have been issued. A disagreement grew with Tommy Duncan, and in 1948, Duncan was fired. In 1930, Bob Wills formed The Wills Fiddle Band. He spent lavishly on horses, harnesses and dress for himself and was a popular figure on his favourite stallion, Punkin, around the California rodeo circuit. In 1913, the Wills family relocated to Memphis, Texas. ." His father, John Wills worked for BBC. In January 1931, through the sponsorship of the Burrus Mill and Elevator Company and billed as the Light Crust Doughboys, he and the band began to advertise Light Crust Flour on KFJZ. Western Swing Along with Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. The band became very popular and then proceeded to Oklahoma City, followed by Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shortly thereafter, Cooley took over Wakely's responsibilities and put together a band that included three fiddlers and three singers. In 1940, Wills appeared with Tex Ritter in the filmTake Me Back To Oklahoma, even duetting with Ritter on the title track, and the following year, with his full band, he featured in the filmGo West Young Man. All rights reserved. In 1931 the Cooley family moved to a farm in Modesto, California. Contemporary Musicians. “New San Antonio Rose” remains Wills’s best-known song and has been recorded by numerous other artists, including Bing Crosby who also had a hit with it in the 1940s. Interest in Cooley was revived in the late 1990s with the release of the anthology Spadella! Based in Tulsa for the rest of the 1930s and into the early 1940s, Wills and the Texas Playboys reached their greatest popularity. His zodiac sign is Pisces. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, cannot guarantee each citation it generates. Lonestar In 1949, he moved back to Oklahoma City. Thousands of Okies had migrated to California during the Great Depression, and their love of country music spilled over to an industry more than willing to capitalize on it. Contemporary Musicians. In 2004 actor Dennis Quaid announced plans to produce and star in a film biography of Cooley. ." . He appeared in the Gene Autry film Home in Wyomin' in 1942. When his show ceased production, Cooley engaged in a wild real estate scheme that left him nearly bankrupt. Bob rode his donkey behind the family wagon and the 500-mile journey took over two months. In 1962, he suffered a heart attack but in 1963, he was back, even though he had sold his band to Carl Johnson. After World War II, the demand waned for dance music by swing bands, and Wills moved to California in 1943 where he formed a new, smaller Playboys band.

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