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Morrison plays Callie Mercer, the married neighbor turned Harley’s lover. Will a good therapist be enough? “Back Roads” revels in its characters’ pain, almost to a cruel extent. Lyne’s work with stories of relationships gone dark and traumatic was a perfect match for Back Roads. So, really, me coming back to it, I knew it was an important piece of material to talk about, and we as actors are always looking for a challenge, so to me I was coming back to get the project made.”. Based on the best-selling novel by Tawni O'Dell. Chiara Aurelia (, ), plays middle sister Misty. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy. United States December 7, 2018 Limited Canada December 7, 2018 In the beginning, there are opening shots of landscape, but then it becomes darker and more confined.”. While only in a few scenes as Bonnie Altmyer the imprisoned matriarch. I hardly recognized Jennifer Morrison, best known for her role in ABC’s Once Upon a Time. e track upcoming movies through all stages of film production. However, Lyne did write the Back Roads screenplay with O’Dell. Back Roads is a haunting film about how trauma makes us strangers to ourselves, warping our emotions and resetting our internal compasses. Nicola Peltz (, ) is great as Amber, the promiscuous 16-year-old who hates being trapped in the midst of a small town just as much as Harley. The film adaptation of Back Roads is chilling, tragic and heartbreaking thanks to the actors who bring the characters to life. does it again when it comes to role-playing. There’s a lot of pieces in Back Roads that center around Harley. It is well worth the price of a movie ticket and proof of better things to come from Pettyfer. It is well worth the price of a movie ticket and proof of better things to come from Pettyfer. Harley’s affair with his married neighbor is the stuff of a half-finished romance novel. At the overlit big-box grocery store where Harley works the night shift, he meets Callie (Jennifer Morrison), a local mom about 10 years older than he is, trapped in a lonely marriage with a couple of young kids. Monica Castillo is a freelance writer and University of Southern California Annenberg graduate film critic fellow. Pettyfer plays Harley, who’s been taking care of his three younger sisters for two years — ever since their mother, Bonnie (Juliette Lewis), was sent to prison for killing their father. When an actor who’s been packaged as a sexy mainstream star hops off the commercial train to direct a small independent feature, one that takes on a topic as raw as child sexual abuse, you can presume that the movie in question is a passion project. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. As Harley's life spirals out of control, unspoken truths leading to a devastating conclusion come to the surface and threaten to consume him. The uneducated Harley works two dead-end jobs to preserve what’s left of his family, including the rebellious, sexual 16-year-old Amber (Nicola Peltz). “In the summer of 1993, Bonnie Altmyer (Juliette Lewis) is arrested for the murder of her husband. Extra! Yet though that’s a tricky thing for an actor to pull off, part of you may feel it’s Pettyfer himself who isn’t entirely at home playing someone this damaged and broken. Harley (Pettyfer) gives up his chance at college to care for his three sisters in rural Pennsylvania after their mother (Juliette Lewis) … Back Roads received mixed reviews from critics. And frankly, it’s been treated as a plot device in enough movies that the effect of all that routinely revelatory heart of darkness has been a kind of waxy buildup of domestic hell. Back Roads will also be available on digital/VOD on Dec. 7. “I kind of set it in the early ‘90s.” Only one clock is witnessed, and no cell phones. While watching the film adaptation of the New York Times bestseller and Oprah’s Book Club Selection, the story of abuse and family secrets reminded me how good, opens with an introduction on a black screen. But it can also be a calculated image-changer. Morrison made me dislike Callie, a bored and desperate woman who leads Harley on in not so subtle ways. Review: The rural melodrama of ‘Back Roads’ is as messy as its characters Nicola Peltz and Alex Pettyfer in the movie “Back Roads.” (Samuel Goldwyn Films) | Nearly a decade ago, when the film was originally announced as an Adrian Lyne production, the actor auditioned for the role of Harley.

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